Superstar: Matt Hardy
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230
Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Finising Move: Twist of Fate

Titles Held: World Tag Team Championship (5) w/ Jeff Hardy, Hardcore Championship (1), European Championship (1), WCW Tag Team Championship (1) w/ Jeff.
People Used/Mentioned:
Matt Hardy, Chyna, Mark Loyd, Vince McMahon, Randy Orton
Record: 0-0-0
Managing/Manager/Tag Team Partner: None
Current Priorities:

In the middle of the WWE Broadcast.. The camera cuts to backstage where we see a superstar we haven't seen in a while...
Matt Hardy has just arrived in the building for the first time in months. He walks around the back and stops when he catches ups with an old friend.

Wow! Hey Matt, I haven't seen you in a long time, how've you been?

<Matt Hardy>
Oh man, what's up Chyna? I haven't seen you in a while.. Hell I didn't think I'd see you here.
Anyway.. I'm better than I was a few months ago. But I'm back and better than ever from my injury.

Me either. I just got out of a meeting with Vince and am about to go and make an announcement.
It was good seeing you again. Let's go get a drink or something afterwards. Invite my girl Lita, of course

<Matt Hardy>
Yeah... We could do that. Just imagine, the Ninth Wonder of the World getting a long overdue dose of Mattitude.

...Alright. I'll talk to you after I make my announcement.

Chyna leaves. Matt turns and walks down a hall, checking doors, as if looking for something... LiveWire Announcer
Mark Loyd comes up to Matt Hardy, with a microphone in hand.

<Mark Loyd>
Hello, Matt Hardy, LiveWire Announcer, Mark Loyd.

<Matt Hardy>
I know who you are. Ah'm sorry I'm kinda in a rush, I gotta talk to Vince.

This will only take a minute. I have a few questions for you.

<Matt Hardy>
Just make is quick, I got better things to do.

O.K. So Matt, you have been gone for a long time, how do you feel returning to WWE after what we thought would
be a career ending injury?

<Matt Hardy>
Well, first of all, to those who doubted my return and thought I would just fade out of existence, I just wanna say
I'm here to prove all of you wrong. Matt Hardy is one of the greatest physical specimens out there, he has the
Mattributes and there was never any doubt in the hearts of true Matt Hardy fans that I would be back 102%.
I love this business and I was waiting on pins and needles, going through rehab on my knee, rushing to
get back to the spotlight.

That must have been frustrating.

<Matt Hardy>
You have no idea how hard it was for me to sit back and watch what was going on here for the past couple of months.
There were many different superstars going around here, in and out of MY spotlight, having MY fans chant their names,
attempting to "entertain" them with their silly little catchphrases. Most of these people trying to entertain have less talent than I have in my little finger. Maybe even the tip of my nail. Seeing all that crap on TV made it that much more
frustrating for me. I've come back now, to finally shut them up, and show the fans out there what a real entertainer
is like.

Hrm.. I see. I notice the new ring attire and attitude..

<Matt Hardy>
Correction Loyd, A new Mattitude. I am not the Matt Hardy that you or anyone remembers before my injury.
That Matt Hardy is dead, and this new one is called Matt Hardy Version 1. I have returned to my true personality
to better showcase my abilities as an individual, instead of having to carry around dead weight in tag team
matches. This time its time for Matt to focus on Matt, and that's precisely what I'm going to do. Now if you would stop
bothering me and let me go talk to Vince?

By all means, go ahead...

<Matt Hardy>
What was that, Loyd?


<Matt Hardy>
Oh really.. Here's some more nothing for you.

Matt Hardy smacks the mic out of Mark Loyd's hands and proceeds to serve him up a beat down. Matt kicks him
on the floor and then grabs the mic and says near Loyd's face.

<Matt Hardy>
That'll teach you to never, ever disrespect Matt Hardy, Version 1.


Matt Hardy finally makes it to Vince's office, and knocks on the door before entering. Matt

<Matt Hardy>
Vince? You wanted to see me?

<Vince McMahon>
Who? Ah yes, it's you Matt. I just saw what you did just now, and may I just say that you have definately
made some changes for the better.

<Matt Hardy>
Thanks, Vince, I really appreciate that.

<Vince McMahon>
That being said, I decided to give you a match against a newcomer...against Randy Orton.

<Matt Hardy>
..Randy Who? Never heard of him.. the last name sounds familiar though.

<Vince McMahon>
It should, his dad was Cowboy Bob Orton. Anyway, go out there and put out a good match for me.
Show me that you're not all talk.

Matt Hardy leaves Vince's office and heads out to the ring.

*********************************************CUT TO RING******************************************


"Live for the Moment" begins to play on the PA system as Matt appears on screen. Matt runs to
each turnbuckle and throws up the Version 1 hand signal.

<Jerry "The King" Lawler>
Wow that's probably the coolest entrance I've ever seen. JR, why don't we can an entrance like that?

<Good Ol' Jim Ross>
I have no clue.. I'll get working on it. Anyway, here's the so called Matt Hardy Version 1. We haven't
seen him in a while, so I wonder how he's going to fare here.

Well, Judging from that beating he gave Mark Loyd, I'll have to say he's gonna do pretty well.

I hardly think that beating up a defenseless ring announcer is the same thing as getting into a wrestling match.
While we're on that subject.. I wonder what possessed the young Matt Hardy to beat up Mark Loyd.

He then walks over to Lillian and asks for the mic. She hands it to him, and he takes it and begins
to speak.

<Lawler> Quiet JR, he's about to speak.

<Matt Hardy>
I would just like to say it's great to be back here in a WWE ring. I hope you all missed seeing me in action
as I did. Well don't worry guys, I'm about to grace ya'll with my great wrestling presence once again. It may
not be against anyone great, but then again, ANY match that features me with instantly become a Match of the Year
candidate. Vince tells me that my opponent is a rookie superstar. I guess this Orton kid is looking to
ride his father's coattails into the big time. Well I'm here to put an end to that. I made it to the WWE on my own
merits and I'll be damned if some kid is gonna try and make a name for himself with me. Well I'm here to tell him
now that he may as well not come down here. The kid is not in my league. He cannot hold a candle to the greatness
of my Mattributes.

He sure is full of himself.

He's just confident JR. Wouldn't you be if you were him?

<Matt Hardy>
Sandy Orton will be the first victim on my road to greatness. Tonight you will witness what Version 1 Matt Hardy is
made of. He is not the same Matt Hardy you have grown to love. Version 1 is a Matt Hardy that is one of the greatest
wrestlers of all time. Not only is he going to be the first victim of the WWE's Mattitude Era.. but he will be a message
to all those other wrestlers out there that think they are better than Matt Hardy. Those of you that are in the main event,
the main event that I should rightfully be in..Ya'll better watch out or you will end up suffering an unfortunate Twist of Fate.

Matt leaves the Ring to a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers.. and heads up the ramp back to the locker room
to get ready for his match against Randy Orton.