Superstar: Matt Hardy
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230
Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Finising Move: Twist of Fate

Titles Held: World Tag Team Championship (5) w/ Jeff Hardy, Hardcore Championship (1), European Championship (1), WCW Tag Team Championship (1) w/ Jeff.
People Used/Mentioned:
Randy Orton
Record: 0-0-0
Managing/Manager/Tag Team Partner: None
Current Priorities:

Matt Hardy walks down the hall on his way to Vince's office for the 2nd time this night.

<Good Ol' Jim Ross>
..Going to Vince's office again? Man does this kid ever stop kissing ass?

<Jerry "The King" Lawler>
Hey.. didn't you used to be in Mr. MacMahon's "Kiss My Ass" Club?

It's something I'd like to forget about.

Matt knocks on Vince's door and enters.. looks around and sees that he's not in there. Matt exits
Vince's office and looks around to see if he can find Vince..

Matt sees Shannon Moore watching the show on a monitor and decides to ask him

<Matt Hardy>
Hey Shannon, you seen Vince around? I want to see if he needs some help with his Rattlesnake

<Shannon Moore>
Yeah I thought I just saw him leave to go talk with Batista about something

<Matt Hardy>

Matt looks at the Television Screen to see the end of Scott Steiner's interview with the Coach.

<Scott Steiner>
...My goals? Listen here, I don't plan ahead, I go day to day, a match comes up, I kick ass, that's the way it goes. I will say that I am going after the WWE Undisputed Title of course, well hell, not going for it, attaining it! I'm the only champion around here and everybody is going to find out why tonight! Now get the hell out of my way, there's some freaks in need of Freakzilla!

<Matt Hardy>
..Who is this guy? and what the hell is he talking about?

<Shannon Moore>
uhh. Scott Steiner.. he was in WCW when I was there.

<Matt Hardy>
Oh.. I see. Well looks like I gotta enlighten someone about how things go on here..

<Jim Ross>
For crissakes.. we have to listen to him again? The first time was fine.. the second time was pushing it.. but again? Haven't the fans been put through enough?

Yes! We can never here too much out of Matt Hardy. He's my new favorite superstar y'know.

*sarcasm* Oh really?

Well.. after Trish, Torrie, Lita, Chyna, Victoria, and Stephanie, of course.



"Twist of Fate" plays on the PA system as Matt makes his way to the ring. He immediately goes for the mic, to a chorus of boos.

<Matt Hardy>
..What's going on? It seems like every time I turn around there's a new person trying to lay claim as the
greatest champion or greatest superstar in the WWE today. Have you people not been listening? I'm going to say this once again..

<Jim Ross>
and again.. and again..

Shush JR, he's trying to make a point.

He should stop telling us and just go out there and show us.

He probably doesn't want to hurt people.

*sarcasm* Good excuse.

<Matt Hardy>
MATT HARDY IS THE GREATEST SUPERSTAR.. period. Yet I hear Scott Steiner claim that he is the greatest champion. What championships did he hold? The I-S-U-C-K championionship? I think he should go back to whatever...