Superstar: Matt Hardy
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230
Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Finising Move: Twist of Fate

Titles Held: World Tag Team Championship (5) w/ Jeff Hardy, Hardcore Championship (1), European Championship (1), WCW Tag Team Championship (1) w/ Jeff.
People Used/Mentioned:
Randy Orton
Record: 0-0-0
Managing/Manager/Tag Team Partner: None
Current Priorities:

Matt Hardy sits in the locker room, lacing up his boots as he looks at the television monitor and sees Randy Orton appearon the broadcast.

<Matt Hardy>
Well..This should be entertaining..

Matt watches intently and listens to everything that Randy Orton has to say... Matt obviously looks bored
and yawns, showing such.

<Matt Hardy>
..I take that back. Eh.. should go back out there before the match to get viewers back.. or wake them up.

<Jerry "The King" Lawler>
Matt Hardy is walking to the ring.. for the second time this show. Whoo! Can never get too much
Mattitude in one night.

<Jim Ross>
Says you. This pompous ass should go back and finish getting ready for his match instead of
coming out here and running off his mouth.

I thought you respected Matt Hardy?

I did.. before he started running around, disrespecting the fans and beating up on WWE staff.

Afraid that you're next?


"Twist of Fate" plays on the PA system as Matt makes his way to the ring for the second time tonight. He
doesn't pose this time, but immediately goes for the mic, to a chorus of boos.

<Matt Hardy>
So that was Randy Orton, eh? I can't help but be a little underwhelmed.. I thought I would get *SOME* sort of
challenge.. Especially because of his name. But then again.. I guess I copy can never be as good as the original.
Speaking of not being good as the original. You forgot to grind after using the Sable catchphrase. Anyway
you would be the moron, trying to out talk the newest great superstar, Matt Hardy Version 1.

Matt does the Version 1 pose for the crowd, while they boo.

<Matt Hardy>
You're from Missouri, right? So that would mean that the girl Trixie you're talking about is your dog? You cannot
outclass Matt Hardy with the women. All the women out there yearn for a dose of Mattitude.. too bad
none of them are worthy enough for my Mattributes. Now that I'm done with that.. let's get to the matter at
hand. I'm giving you one last shot to give up. Just go back home to Saint Louis and have fun with Trixie. You cannot
beat me even on your best day. Or week.. month.. or even year. I can out perform you in any venue. I'm going to
end your career even before it starts and it will not be you going on to win the WWE Undisputed title...
It will be me.

Matt looks as if he's about to leave.

<Matt Hardy>
And one last thing before I go. This is a warning to all those people who unrightfully exist at the top of the card..
watch out, because the Era of Mattitude is starting tonight and things will never be the same.

Matt drops the microphone on the floor, throws up the Version 1 sign and leaves the ring.