1985-Charles Xavier and Erik Magnus Lensherr meet for the first time and become good friends; Soon after, Xavier has his legs crushed by an alien named Lucifer, he is confined to a wheelchair.

1986-Xavier and Magnus start construction on the Savage Land, which was supposed to become a safe haven for all mutants; A week later Xavier and Magnus get into a heated argument. Magnus wants mutants to rule and enslave humans while Xavier wants peaceful coexistence between the two. They have a falling out; Xavier leaves the Savage Land and returns to the Xavier Mansion, Magnus stays and continues to build his haven.

1994-A mutant known only as Rogue runs away from home, is met by the mutant named Mystique who takes her in as a daughter.

2000-Reports of terrorism on humans by mutants spread; Mutant-human relations become strained further.

2001-Xavier rescues a young mutant by the name of Scott Summers and decides to take him under his wing; He is the unofficial First X-Man. A month after Xavier gets his first student, he saves another by the name of Jean Grey; Both Magneto and Xavier hear rumors about a government funded organization that experiments on mutants. Magneto begins to recruit mutants into his Brotherhood and starts to search for the enigmatic organization. Xavier begins to train his two students in the use of their powers for the betterment of mankind, and as a possible force to combat Magneto and the Brotherhood.

2002- After years of debate, Professor Charles Xavier decides to open the Xavier Institute, a private school for mutants that not only provides schooling, but education in the use of their mutant powers. Warren Worthington, Piotr Rasputin, and Ororo Munroe are among the first to join Scott and Jean at the school.