Mission Log #7

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SIM BRIEF> We stormed the Aussie Base of the Broterhood, rescued the VP, and on the way home.. the VP had a heart attack and nearly died.. all is fine though he didn't die under out care thanks to our crack medical staff
<Jason> :::Passed out on the couch, a copy of The Great Gatesby on his face, snoring loudly:::
<Piotr> ::stretched out and relaxing on the couch in the Living room, having already gone through his morning workout and shower and is now just taking it easy::
<Sydney> ::Sits in a tree outside of the manison, sketching and enjoying the breeze as best she can.::
<Jean> :: in a pair of faded jeans and a green pullover hoody sweatshirt..her big square framed glasses on and hair down..she starts down stairs as she yawns..heading for the kitchen:: ((Need coffee..))
<Ethan> ::Sits on the roof, outside his room, reading an advanced Physics book and scratching his head::
<Rogue`> ::in the kitchen, spreading peanutbutter on a slice of toast, silently::
<Bobby> ::sits in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast::
<Jean> ::moves through the kitchen door:: Hey Rogue, Bobby ::waves as she moves towards the coffee pot::
<Scott> ::lays on his hammock behind the mansion, reading a book::
<Jason> :::Snorts, then sits up::: Why's it so dark? Dear God, I'm blind!
<Rogue`> ::tightens the cap back on the peanut butter jar, sticking it in the fridge and slipping out of the kitchen, toast in hand:: .. ::slight nod to Jean as she passes::
<Sydney> ::Stares blankly as she pauses in drawing. She's still quite shy to most of the other students.::
<Piotr> ::yawns slightly browsing through different channels out of boredom::
<Bobby> ::waves to Jean as he continues eating::
<Jason> :::Takes the book off his head::: Ooooh, right. :::Looks to Piotr::: Where's everybody?
<Jean> ::opens the cabinet door above and pulls out her coffee can and opens it up..looking down at it:: damnit..((and I'm really not in the mood for regular coffee))
<Piotr> ::looks at his watch:: Bobby is probably just waking up... Not sure about anyone else though
<Bobby> ::looks up:: What'sa matter Jeanketeer?
<Rogue> ::munching on her toast, wanders down the hall silently::
<Jean> ::takes the lid all the way off..throws it in the trash..adn then moves towards the recycling bin for the can:: Out of the brazillian stuff or whatever..not in the mood for regular ::tosses it in::
<Jason> :::Smacks his lips, then frowns::: Need water. If I don't return, send a search party. :::Walks towards the kitchen:::
<Jean> ::narrows her eyes on Bobby:: and It's Jean ::half smile and shakes her head as she moves out of the kitchen::
<Scott> ::yawns..checks his watch and climbs out of his hammock.. walks back towards the mansion::
<Ororo> ::sits in the garage, fidgeting with some half broken motor, ocassionally cursing under her breath when her fingers ram into something sharp::
<Piotr> ::smirks slightly and rolls his eyes:: Right
<Sydney> ::Sighs, looking at the sketch of the manison she was drawing.:: Doesn't look the same...
<Jason> :::Walks into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes::: The sun's too bright today. Why can't they turn it down?
<Bobby> ::coughs:: Jeanketeer ::coughs again::
<Jean> ::runs her hands through her hair as she leans over the back of the couch piotr's on and looks at the tv:: ohh that's a good movie..::blinks as he surfs by it::
<Ororo> Damn it! ::pushes the motor away from her, and clutches a now freshly opened finger::
<Piotr> ::looks up:: Oh, Hi Jean.... ::puts the control down after putting it back on the channel the movie was on::
<Jean> I like Julia Roberts..::Looks over at him:: probably the whole red head thing ::shakes her head a bit to make her hair fall in her face some and half grins::
<Jason> :::Looks at the food in front of Bobby::: Ah, the breakfast of champions. :::Grabs a glass from the cabinet, then fills it with water from the sink:::
<Piotr> ::smiles broadly:: She is a good looking woman... Hey you know, you two kind of look a like, you could maybe be a stunt double or something... ::grins::
<Ororo> ::hefts herself up off the brick steps, and carefully slips into the kitchen, wearing a pair of blue jean overalls and a baby t:: Stupid motor, knew I should've just let the thing stay at that dump.
<Jean> Oh bleh, Petey..flattery just gets you everywhere ::grins as she stands up and does the hair flip back and laughs::
<Scott> ::walks into the kitchen:: Hey Ororo. ::pours himself a glass of water::
<Rogue> ::hesitates at the top of the stairs, glancing around to make sure no one is in the hall before pulling the window open that overlooks a section of lower rooftop::
<Piotr> ::grins:: Don't I know it... ::yawns again:: I am a bit tired, I stayed up later than normal last night
<Jean> You're not the only one, brother ..::Looks down at him and she yawns:: and don't do that
<Jason> :::Sits down at the table across from Bobby, taking a sip of the water::: So, what's on the agenda for today? Anything exciting and therefore exhausting?
<Ororo> ::begins to deeply wash her hands in the sink, entirely focused on cleaning her grease soaked hands:: .. Hey Scotty.::nearly jumps as she hears Scott's voice, whipping around with dripping wet hands, and immediatelly draws her finger to her mouth::
<Sydney> ::She puts the sketch book into a little aclove in the branch and begins to crawl up the tree. She wears baggy black jeans and a dark green sweater wrap and white top.::
<Bobby> ::finishes his cereal and looks up to Shadowfox:: Eh, not that I know of. And I certainly hope not. ::gets up and puts his dishes in the sink::
<Rogue> ::worms her way out the open window before sliding it back down, leaving it open a crack so she can pry it back open to get in later... finishes off the last bite of toast as she walks up the roofslope to reach the higher level::
<Scott> ::flinches at little bit as the water is flicked at him, smiles slightly:: Trouble in the garage?
<Ethan> ::Scowls as he reads through the book:: ((Ugh..)) ::Sighs and tosses the book back through the window into his room and sits back:: ((If I have to read any more of that right now, I am going to F*cking snap..)) ::Blinks and looks up and across the roof, seeing Rogue climbing out;: ((Eh?))
<Jason> :::Leans back in the chair, putting his feet on the table::: Whatever happened to having boring lives? You know, growing up hating school, getting a boring job, slaving away for most of your life, then dying before you can enjoy what little life you have left?
<Ororo> The stupid replacement motor I was going to get for you is really a piece of shit. ::her tone seems quite irritated, as she slowly draws her finger away from her lips:: I've got a nice little "nip" to prove it.
<Scott> Need some help?
<Bobby> ::shrugs:: Beats me, though I still don't enjoy school by any stretch of the imagination.
<Ororo> Nah, been there most all day. After awhile, the garage really smells worse than everyone makes it out to be. ::sighs:: Besides, it's cold in there.
<Jason> Hell, I don't think any kid does. And those that do are only pretending. ::::Finishes the last of the water::::
<Scott> Just giving up for the day.
<Sydney> ::She slowly crawls along the branch before sprawling out and over the tree limb, just staring looking somewhat lost.::
<Rogue> ::clambers up to the higher section of roof, then stands up, brushing her gloves off, and turns to face the back yard::
<Ororo> ::rips a part of her already ripped shirt sleeve, and wraps a small portion around her bleeding finger:: Yep. No spending the afternoon with Red?
<Bobby> ::nods:: Definitely, my man. ::stifles a yawn:: Gah, still tired.
<Scott> ::Raises an eyebrow:: Nope.. why would you say that?
<Piotr> ::moves to his feet and looks to Jean:: I am going to go for a swim.... Care to join me?
<Ethan> ::Raises an eyebrow, calls out across the roof slightly:: Hey. What brings you up here?
<Jason> How many hours did you manage to get last night? :::Drops his feet to the floor::: Or are you running on pure sugar?
<Rogue> ::sits down with her feet dangling off the edge, and yawns:: ... ::turns sharply, hearing Ethan, and starts to get back up:: ...nothin', Ah'll leave... ((didn't know anyone was up here..))
<Jean>'s kinda cold outside
<Sydney> ::She looks at the ground before plucking a golden/red leaf and twirls it between her fingers.::
<Bobby> Right now it's all sugar, baby! ::stretches:: Though not enough to make me hyper... yet. ::grins mischievously::
<Ethan> ::Blinks:: don't have to leave or anything. Just thought I'd make one else usually comes up here..heh.
<Jason> Good God, save us all. :::Shakes his head, then gets to his feet::: You, hyped up on pure sugar. We'd end up with another ice age.
<Rogue> ...::shrugs slightly:: it's quiet up here.
<Piotr> So what, the pool is heated... ;:smirks:: Comeon, just come
<Sydney> ((Death, death, death. Always surrounded by it. I hate fall. It's a dying season.)) ::Sighs softly.::
<Jean> ::shrugs:: I guess
<Bobby> ::chuckles:: Don't worry, I'm not there yet, but I'm sure you'll find out when I get there.
<Piotr> Alright then... If you decide to go then I'll see you in a bit... ::heads up to his room to put on some trunks::
<Ororo> Because you usually do? ::raises a curious eyebrow:: Or did you piss her off again? ::clears her throat:: Hold up. PIOTR! I NEED YOU TO C'MERE!!
<Ethan> Y'mean, away from the racket the rest of this house usually manages to make? ::Smirks, slightly::
<Scott> Not unless I can piss her off by not doing anything to her.. but you never know..
<Jean> ::blinks and looks towards the kitchen:: Uh..::Looks to Piotr:: Think you're bein gsummoned ::blinks and moves towarsd the kitchen::
<Piotr> ::stops midstride glancing to Ororo:: How can I help you Ororo?
<Scott> ::winces at Ro's yelling::
<Ororo> ::extends her cut finger with a feigned pitiful expression:: I got a boo-boo..
<Rogue> ::shrugs again, picking roof grit off her gloves intently::
<Jason> :::Rolls his eyes, leaning against the wall::: So, whatever happened to us being this superhero team. I thought our kind was always on call, 24/7?
<Scott> ..((Oh god)) ..::can't help but chuckle::
<Sydney> ::Keeps staring at the leaf with the wind making her hair dance.:: ((Tree isn't high enough. I'd only break a leg.))
<Piotr> ::walks over to her:: You poor thing.... ::moves to grab her wrist and examine it:: Come with me, I will take care of you... ::Smiles::
<Jean> Geesh Ro..::rubs her ears and then shakes her head::
<Jean> So no pool? ::looks over to Piotr::
<Ethan> It's a good place to study, or just kinda..relax. ::Leans back against the side of the roof, putting his hands behind his head::
<Ororo> ::hops into his arms:: My hero. ::kisses him hastily:: Pool? ::glances to Jean::
<Bobby> ::blinks at Piotr and Ro:: Hmm. Anyhoo, yeah. On call 24/7, I guess, but not busy 24/7. But today that's fine with me. ::grabs a soda from the fridge, popping it open and drinking a few mouthfuls::
<Scott> ::shakes his head::
<Sydney> ((Maybe I should go back to the asylum, at the least all I cared then was getting out.))
<Jean> ::glances back at her..mimicing her "i'm hurt face" and then shakes her head again and smiles:: Yeah he wanted to go swimming or something
<Rogue> ((Ah just come up here to think... don't have to worry about anyone bumpin' into me, an' Ah get sick of sittin' in the room..)) ... ::stares out at the trees in the backyard::
<Piotr> ::scoops her up:: Oh there will be pool ::grins and carries her out heading to the staircase:: Meet us there in a bit Jean, Scott you too if you want to come
<Jason> :::Scratchs the back of his head::: Well, I'm getting bored just lying around. I thought I'd get more action here than I would in some blue-collar job. ((As if they'd actually hire me))
<Scott> I think you just got dumped... ::smirk::
<Jean> ::gives him a look:: He invited me..though he did call me pretty and compared me to Julia Roberts ::sticks her tongue out at him..flipping her hair off her shoulder with her hand and saunters towards the staircase::
<Ethan> ::Continues to lean across the side of the roof, quietly, glancing over briefly at Rogue:: ((Don't think I've ever met anyone this..I don't know..close-lipped..can hardly get a word out of her..))
<Rogue> ::fidgets slightly:: ((Damn... can't take my gloves off, he's here...)) ::absently pulls at a bootlace and reties it::
<Piotr> ::walks into his room Ro in arms and places her on his bed......and then..... goes to the bathroom to grab a bandaid to put on Ro's finger::
<Scott> ::..eyes follow Jean as she "saunters," ...feels obliged to follow::
<Ororo> I'd blush, if I were white. ::grins:: Hm, "Ah don't have a thing to wear."
<Jean> ::stops..and looks back at him following her..shakes her head:: yeesh..::walks up the stairs::
<Piotr> ::closes his door behind him and then moves in to put the bandaid on her finger:: That is truly a shame.... I think my suit is in the wash right now come to think of it... ;:puts the bandaid on and then leans over to smooch::
<Sydney> ::Wraps her legs about the tree branch and swings so she's hanging upside down.::
<Ethan> ::Sighs, slightly, closing his eyes for a moment:: ((Man, this is weird..))
<Bobby> ::sips at his soda, looking around:: So, people are going swimming huh? ::grins::
<Rogue> ... ::shades her eyes, looking towards the trees:: ((...was that... nah, couldn't be..))
<Jean> You know what ::reaches the top of the stairs..stopping and standing sideways against the stairrail and kinda taps/hits Scott on the chest..then motions towards Pete's closed door:: I don't think they're going swimming
<Jason> :::Snorts::: Probably about the only think we could do in this weather. Or we could hotwire a car and head into town.
<Scott> You thought they'd make it to the pool?
<Ororo> So anyways, you can save that until tonight, horndog. ::snickers faintly::
<Piotr> ::laughs:: Of course... ::coughs and smirks moving to grab his trunks from the drawer:: You are coming swimming though right?
<Bobby> ::looks out the window, seeing Syd swinging in the tree:: Hey, cool. Glad to see the new girl having fun. ::smiles::
<Ethan> ::Opens his eyes again, glancing over towards Rogue:: ((On one hand, I feel like I should be at least trying to talk to her, or something..on the other, me and talking isn't exactly the greatest combo in the world..and I can't think of a thing to say..))
<Jean> Yea...well no..I mean I am psychic ::shrugs and looks at him:: Do you feel like swimming?
<Scott> ::nods his head::
<Jason> :::Follows Bobby's attention to the tree outside::: Nice to see she's starting to loosen up a bit. Was starting to get worried.
<Rogue> ::looks rather more relaxed than she usually does, in the presence of others, just sitting on the edge of the roof swinging her legs slightly:: ((Nice weather today...))
<Ororo> After all the crap I went through today with that stupid motor, yeah. ::swats at him playfully:: How about I meet you out there? So the dorks won't flip out and make too much out of it. Like they don't already know. ::rolls her eyes::
<Bobby> ::nods:: Let's go out and join her. ::heads for the backyard where the tree is::
<Jason> :::Puts the glass he was holding into the sink, then follows after Bobby:::
<Piotr> ::laughs:: Alright babe... I will see you shortly ::smiles::
<Ethan> ::Tilts his head, slightly:: (('s interesting, though..she seems a lot more at peace, like's kinda nice to see her not jumping at shadows.))
<Ororo> (("Babe.?" Going to have to work on his slang, already.)) ::snickers faintly as she steps outside of his door, nearly running into Scott and Jean:: Uh, spy much?
<Scott> Just came up here to change. Whatever you two were doing.. ::shrugs::
<Piotr> ::waits for the door to close before getting changed into his suit::
<Bobby> ::walks toward the tree, waving at Syd as he gets closer:: Heya.
<Jean> I was just wondering if I actually needed to change..didn't think you'd actually come out and join us ::looks at her::
<Sydney> ::Looks at Bobby for a moment then waves.:: Hello there.
<Jason> :::Nods to Syd, a friendly smile on his face::: Be careful up there. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.
<Scott> ::sneaks off towards his room::
<Jean> Anyways..we'll see you boys in a bit ::takes Ro's arm and walks her towards the girl side:: Soo..what happened? ::grins::
<Ororo> ::rolls her eyes again:: Mmhmm. If we were screwing, I'm sure you'd hear it. Anyways..Yeah, gimme two minutes.
<Sydney> ::Nods, looking particuarlly ridiculous upside down.:: I like trees, I rarely see them, much less climb them.
<Ororo> ::gets dragged off by Jean:: Uhhh..Nothing much..Yet. ::faintly sighs::
<Rogue> ... ::closes her eyes:: ((Huh... most of 'em talk all the time... don't often find any of 'em just bein' quiet without goin' nuts..))
<Jean>'s going to? ::arches an eyebrow::
<Jason> ((I wish I could be that carefree.)) I wouldn't really know, myself. Afraid of heights, as crazy as that sounds.
<Piotr> ::finishes getting changed into his dark green swim trunks, than pulls out a towel from the drawer and opens up his door and walks out, heading towards the staircase::
<Bobby> ::turns his head to the side, looking at Syd:: heh looks like fun
<Ororo> Well yeah. ::gives her a serious look:: Unless he's which case I'd probably just kill him. ::shrugs:: But yeah..I'm sure that's the plan. Haven't rushed past you and Scott, have we?
<Scott> ..::closes the door behind him.. opens up bottom drawers and pulls out a red pair of swimming trunks::
<Jean> What? ::blinks..confused like::
<Ororo> ((Know she didn't..)) Doing the nasty? ::cracks a smirk, opening the locker room door ahead of them::
<Sydney> ::Smiles slightly.:: It is... but I'm scared of the dark, actually. Nearly 19 and I need a nightlight.
<Jean>, of course not..Scott and I aren't like that ::moves towards her locker and starts to do the combo::
<Ethan> ::Looks thoughtful, for a moment:: ((I suppose this is actually kind of nice..being quiet like this..just kinda relaxing, without having to worry about someone trying to talk your ear off or get you to talk to them, all the time..just kinda sitting back and relaxing. Hunh.))
<Scott> ::changes into his trunks, changes into a white wife beater , grabs some sandals and heads downstairs::
<Scott> ..::grabs his goggles on the way out::
<Piotr> ::walks down the stairs and walks towards the backyard, opening the door and getting bumrushed on his bare chest with a wist of cold air:: ((And these Americans call this cold weather...)) ::chuckles quietly to himself::
<Bobby> Everyone's scare of something, I guess. Me? I think vegetables rank pretty high on the list. ::grins::
<Ororo> Bullshit. ::opens her locker and then shoots a look to her as she pulls out a white bikini::
<Jason> :::Gives a short glance to Bobby, then returns his attention to Syd, smiling knowingly::: I'll confess heights and spiders. Those things give me the creeps.
<Sydney> ::chuckles.::
<Jean> ::shakes her head..opening up the locker and pulling out her dark green tankini:: Not bullshit..the truth ::pulls out her sandals and towel too and puts them on the bench behind her::
<Sydney> Dark... and being lost. I hate being lost. ::She swings herself to sit up on the branch before climbling back down.::
<Piotr> ::tosses his towel onto a lawn chair and then dives into the water, feeling the comforting warmth of the water::
<Bobby> ::climbs up onto one of the tree branches, leaning his back against the trunk:: Hmm, it's nice up here, good weather today too. ::looks to Syd:: Yeah, that too... the Prof has me all kinds of lost in class at times, hehe.
<Ororo> ::gets dressed:: Are you serious? He wants you bad, girl. I figured you'd know that from your ESPN thingy. Telepathy. ::wraps a towel around her waist::
<Jean> ((Scott's best friend.....naah)) ::shakes her head and starts to change::
<Sydney> ::Giggles softly.:: Well, science confuses me. So does math.
<Jean> ::finishes changing and looks at her..plopping her sandals down on the ground and puts them on:: I don't just go around reading everyone's mind..and no he doesn't..he's best friend ::grabs her towel and moves towards the door::
<Jason> :::Smile fades slightly::: I also don't like being alone. Guess that's what really scares me. :::Shakes his head::: But, that's not compared to trying to figure out complex math equations. My mind wasn't meant to bend like that.
<Rogue> ::squints at where Bobby just climbed up in a tree::
<Ororo> Don't get mad.. I've seen it though. Isn't that what Xavier was preaching in that boring ass class? Couples are supposed to be like your best friend or some shit? ::brushes her hair back and follows after Jean::
<Sydney> ::Nods.:: Being alone isn't the best thing in the world... ::Looks up at the sky quietly.:: Well, not in a hopsital or the like, anyway.
<Jean> ::walks with her:: I'm not mad..I just..don't see it..really. And yeah he did say something like that ::smiles at her:: Not quite as colorful, though. But...we're just's hard to describe..but he's always there for me..and it's not a sexual thing really
<Piotr> ::floats around in the water, diving under and heading to the very bottom of the pool::
<Bobby> ::nods at Jason:: I hear you there, bro. ::traces his finger through the air, leaving small trails of cold air and etching idly in the sky::
<Bobby> ::looks to Syd:: Yeah, I don't like hospitals much myself. ::nods::
<Sydney> So what are you two doing out here? ::Light smile.::
<Ororo> No sibs at home? Or is Scott like the substitute brother?
<Bobby> ::smiles back a bit:: Uh, not much heh. Just noticed you out here and wanted to say hi. So... hi, hehe.
<Jean> I have a sister..just..she can't understand the mutant thing..and noo..::wrinkles her nose as she moves to open the back door:: Not a brother really ::opens it and shivvers a bit..crossing her arms over her chest:: dang
<Jason> :::Shivers slightly:::: Freezing. I'm not built for this kinda weather, I tells ya. Shoulda got my jacket.
<Rogue> ::muffles a yawn, and clambers back to her feet, moving back along the roofslope to the lower level::
<Ororo> ::snickers to herself:: I knew it! ..It's nice out, dunno what you're talking about.
<Sydney> Thank you. ::Smiles.:: I don't mind, actually.
<Jean> knew what? ::sticks her tongut out at her and throws her towel in a chair and moves to the shallow end and starts to walk in:: ooh this is nice though
<Ethan> ::Glances over as she leaves, offering a slight smile:: Going so soon?
<Ororo> That you liked him. ::claps her hands::
<Jean> I don't like him like that ::gives her a look and shakes her head..dunking under the water and then coming back up..pushing her hair back::
<Bobby> Cold weather's my forté, heh. ::hops out of the tree::
<Scott> ::opens the back door, closes it behind him and walks towards the lawn chairs, drops his towel, looks at Jean::
<Piotr> ::surfaces finally after a period of time under the water and grins:: Glad you two decided to join me
<Rogue> Needed a breath of fresh air.. ::shrugs slightly:: Got it. Cold now.
<Jean> ::blinks:: ((oh crap..he's gonna fuel Ro)) ::waves to him and looks to Piotr:: Hey there, Piotr
<Ororo> Look..::Casts a glance over her shoulder:: ((If you ever say anything about this, I'll whoop your ass..but dude, he's cute.)) ::narrows her eyes slightly::
<Jason> :::Arms folded around himself:::: You would enjoy this weather, you walking ice cube.
<Scott> ..::closes his eyes, pulls off his glasses::
<Ethan> Ah. ::Nods, slightly:: See you around?
<Scott> ::sets them down on the chair.. and feels around for his goggles.. puts them on::
<Jean> ::blinks at Ro a few times:: {{Oh my god..did you just mean Scott Summers when you said that? Little miss rebel against his leadership?}} ::grins::
<Rogue> .. ::half-confused look:: Kinda hard not to, in this place.
<Piotr> ::swims over to the two, and then stops infront of them noticing scott:: Hey Scott, hows it going?
<Scott> ::eyes still closed, adjusts his goggles:: Hey Pete. ::blinks a bit:: Going pretty good, howabout you?
<Sydney> ::Smiles:: Well, I advanced my social situation requirement for today... Having a nice talk with you guys and that yellow tabby cat Dr. Xavier owns allowed me to strach his ears and pet him.
<Ethan> Good point. ::Chuckles, slightly::
<Ororo> ((I didn't say his attitude was worth a damn. And remember what I said. I know where you live!)) Hey Scotty..Pete. ::leans over on the side of the pool, letting her legs skim against the surface of the pool::
<Scott> ::pulls his wife beater over his head and drops it on chair::
<Jason> :::Watch beeps, his looks at it::: Damn. My show's getting ready to start. :::Looks to Syd, then Bobby::: Hate to run, but this is the season premiere. :::Runs off towards the house:::
<Bobby> ::chuckles at Jason:: That's me in a nutshell alright. ::turns to Syd:: That's good to hear, you should definitely keep it up. ::smiles then watches Jason leave and waves to him::
<Piotr> Not too bad, a bit sore still from this mornings workout, but that will be gone in a couple hours...::swims over to Ro, floating with his head the only thing above the water, right beside Ro's legs:: So you coming in or just going to twinkletoe your way in? ::Grins::
<Jean> ::blinks at Scott taking his wife beater off just for the briefest of seconds and then blinks back at Ro:: {{Yeah yeah..I'm gonna have a hard time keeping a lid on that though}} ::smiles::
<Scott> ::dives into the pool::
<Rogue> ::slides the window back up, to climb inside:: ((whew... warmer in here, didn't realize it was that chilly outside..))
<Jean> ::Looks at Piotr and shakes her head:: ((He's just hopeless))
<Scott> ::surfaces:: Did I hear you were sore, Pete? It wasn't that bad
<Jean> For those of us lacking sleep it was ::Looks to Scott::
<Scott> I was just fine. ::smirks as he treads water::
<Piotr> ::smirks:: Maybe your workout wasn't that bad Scott.... Mine was a bit more difficult ::nods proudly::
<Sydney> The cat never lets anyone pet it. So odd. ::Shakes her head.:: Anyhow, I'm trying.
<Rogue> ::listens down the hall for a moment:: Huh... ((No more noise... where'd they all go?)) ::moves down the hall quietly, peering down the stairs::
<Jean> You always get at least 8 hours ::narrows her eyes at him::
<Scott> ..on special once in a blue moon days.
<Ororo> Eh..That'd ruin my hair. ::eyes follow Scott for a moment::
<Bobby> ::nods at Sydney:: That's great then, heh. ::scratches the back of his neck, smiling a little awkwardly::
<Scott> ::brushes his hair back::
<Jean> ::smirks at Ro:: {{You're baaad}} ::snickers::
<Sydney> So uhm, what have you been doing around here lately?
<Ororo> ((I'm well aware.)) I sat on his back while he did squats. ::rubs her hand through Piotr's hair::
<Piotr> ::rolls his eyes:: Hmmph, fine then! ::dives under the water and heads to the deepest spot and shifts his body to metal form, and lies down on his back, arms crossed behind his head::
<Bobby> Oh, not much... a little of everything: studying, watching television, saving the world, the usual teenage stuff. ::grins::
<Jean> Well yeah..with that ass it had to of nearly killed you ::grins:: just kidding!
<Jean> oh drama ::arches an eyebrow as Piotr goes under to sulk::
<Ororo> ::forms a small whirlwind within the pool:: I happen to have the best ass on campus.
<Scott> (( one's arguing with you there))
<Rogue> ::slips into the livingroom upon discovering it deserted, and picks up the remote::
<Sydney> ::Nods.:: It's odd having freedom. They wouldn't let me do much... nothing fun. I painted my nails today. Dark purple. They wouldn't le me do that in the asylum. They were afraid I'd snuff it.
<Jean> I said I was joking ::puts up a tk shield infront of her::
<Bobby> Ah, heh. Lemme see. ::looks at Syd's hands::
<Ororo> Pfft, Petey, don't even play that drama shit with me. I get it enough from Xavier, every single frickin' day. "Ororo, that's not the proper attitude to have." "Ororo, when're you going to start acting like a lady?" Whatever.
<Scott> ::shakes his head and laughs::
<Jean> I've gotten that one a couple of times ::nods::
<Piotr> ::stands up under the water and shifts back to skin form, and surfaces:: Attitude? I was just playing around! ::smirks::
<Sydney> ::Shows her purple nails, badly painted, of course.::
<Ororo> ::crushes her hair back again:: Don't you know, you never ask a black beauty to get her hair wet..It's..just bad. ::clutches her hair protectively:: Then again, my hair is far from black..I guess that's another mutation..heh.
<Bobby> ::can't tell, being a guy and all:: Ah, nice hehe. Purple's a pretty colour, sorta, I guess, heh. ::chuckles::
<Jean> ::looks around and starts to walk up the steps out of the shallow end..quietly as not to get noticed:: ((Geh..didn't need to think about all this..))
<Sydney> Maybe with black nail polish next time...
<Scott> ::looks towards Jean:: where are you going?
<Ethan> ((Well..that was interesting..Hmm..)) ::Slowly stands and moves to flip off the roof, floating down towards the ground and landing near the door into the kitchen::
<Bobby> Black goes with everythihg... or so I've heard, heh. ::nods::
<Piotr> ::rolls his eyes:: thats the purpose of going swimming... To get wet ::laughs:: Besides you could just twirl a finger and dry your hair with a whirlwind or something ::Grins::
<Sydney> Or blue.. or- This must bore you to death. ::Pauses.::
<Jean> ::rolls her eyes where she knows Scott can't see:: ((Why does he have to notice everything)) Oh just..uhm..gonna get something to drink..should be back ::nods and grabs her towel, wrapping it around her, and moves inside::
<Rogue> ::flips through channels for a minute, finding nothing, before picking up the tv guide and scowling at it darkly:: ...
<Scott> Want me to go with?
<Bobby> ::puts his finger to his wrist:: ...nope, still a pulse. I'm good, thanks for asking though. ::smiles::
<Ororo> And end up bald as Xavier? Pfft, I'm too afraid to do that. ::carefully slips down into the pool:: I wonder where the ohers are, anyways..
<Sydney> ... Do they have video games here... like a playstation or something?
<Jean> ::sighs..not loudly enough to hear:: If you want..((only b/c I bet Ro and Piotr'd like to be alone...))
<Rogue> ((Can't read this crap... )) ::peers at the pages for a moment before tossing it away in disgust::
<Piotr> ::shrugs:: No idea... you 3 are the only ones I've seen in the last bit... Jason was in the living room earlier but left and haven't seen him since.... ::notices the departing duo and whispers to Ro:: There is enough sexual tension between those two to blow up the entire mansion...
<Bobby> ::thinks:: I believe we do, in one of the rooms somewhere. Why, do you play?
<Scott> ::climbs out:: ((Jean, what's up?))
<Sydney> I used to.. mostly RPGs. One of the three things I liked... along with drawing and taking karate.
<Jean> ((What I really need is time to process this..over analyze it..and then get over it and be able to go back to normal)) ::shrugs and starts walking inside:: {{Nothing}}
<Bobby> Cool, heh. Don't know too many girls here that are into that kinda thing. And you know karate?
<Ororo> ::snickers faintly, leaning against the wall behind her, her arms comfortabley behind her:: No kidding..They'll deny it though.
<Scott> ::catches up to her side..slips and nearly falls::
<Sydney> Not a lot. Just a green belt.
<Jean> ::blinks and turns:: You ok? ::Looking a little alarmed::
<Bobby> That's good, and hey, keeps your pants up right? ::grins::
<Scott> ..((Smooth Move, Summers)) shit.. yeah
<Sydney> ::Blinks and blushes for a second, then laughs.:: Yeah, it does.
<Piotr> ::grins moving closer towards her and scratching her belly in a tickling fashion:: I am surprised nothing has happened yet... They have been together longer than any of the rest of us....
<Scott> ::blushes.. shakes his head:: Can't believe I just did that.
<Bobby> hehe ::blushes a bit as he sees Syd do the same, the clears his throat:: Um, I think there's one in the living room, maybe. Probably have to hook it up and stuff though.
<Ethan> ::Heads into the kitchen, moving towards the fridge:: ((Definitely feel like a nice cold soda..)) ::Opens the fridge, pulling out a DP and cracking it open, taking a sip of it::
<Jean> ::blinks at his blushing and turns her head:: ((He's embarrassed)) It's fine..everyone slips from time to time ::starts walking again::
<Ororo> Lean back. ::massages his shoulders carefully:: Yeah, but apparently she doesn't think of him like that, or won't admit it anyways. I dunno man, it's like Barbie and Ken.
<Sydney> Okay. Sounds cool. ::Nods and starts climbing down the tree.::
<Scott> ..::tries to change the subject:: Uhm, so you sure you're alright.. ((Kinda hard to keep stuff from me, I know you too well))
<Rogue> ::pulls her knees up to her chin, curling up on the sofa with a sigh::
<Piotr> ::arches a brow;: Who are barbie and ken? ::slicks his hair back by running his fingers through his wet hair::
<Bobby> ::moves to give Syd a hand in climbing down, in case she needs it::
<Jean> ((God..)) ::sighs and wants to grab her head frustrated like..but doesn't..b/c she knows he won't understand and he'll get too upset:: Yeah..I'm going to change though..didn't really want to swim much in the first place is all ::blinks..realizing she's going the wrong direction and turns back towards the locker rooms::
<Sydney> Thanks, I got it. I hope Xavier has more games than uhm... education games.
<Ororo> The little dolls, when you were a ki-- Oh nevermind. They should be together though, I think. ::glances to his back:: But then, everyone here probably thinks I'm a big whore or something, so what do I know, heh?
<Rogue> ::rubs her forehead:: ((God, Ah can't believe Ah'm starting to miss bein' around the Broho... at least there Ah could talk to Petey...))
<Scott> Jean.. ::reaches out for her... then pulls back as she turns around::
<Piotr> ::almost angry look:: Dont even joke about something like that, you are one of the sweetest and most caring girls I have ever known... I haven't been this close to a woman since I left Illyana.... ::sighs, frowning noticeably, missing his little sis::
<Ethan> ::Takes another sip and heads out of the kitchen and into the living room, stopping as he sees Rogue:: Uh...hey again.
<Rogue> ::blinks, setting down the remote:: Got cold too?
<Ororo> Who's Illyana? ((Ex?)) ::glances at him suspiciously:: Well, it's kind of hard to explain.
<Bobby> ::chuckles:: Yeah, me too. I'm guessing some of the other kids have gotten games though, at least I hope so.
<Jean> ::Blinks and turns to him and looks at his hand and them him:: Yes?
<Piotr> ::looks down to his feet which appear hazy in the water:: She is my little sister.... I have not seen her or the rest of my family in years.... ::sighs:: I suppose I am a bit homesick...
<Ethan> Well, that too..mostly thirsty, actually. ::Cracks a slight smile:: Hadn't had caffeine or anything in a while, so..
<Rogue> Oh.. ::awkward pause::
<Ororo> Aww..That's kinda sweet, in a goony way. ::kisses his cheek:: Why don't you write her? Or maybe Xavier could send her up sometime?
<Sydney> ::Passes by the pool.:: I was playing a Final Fantasy game... nine I think.
<Ethan> ::Stands there for a minute, looking a little out of place:: Uhm..did you..want one or anything? We've got plenty in the fridge, and all..
<Bobby> ::walks next to Sydney:: Ah, don't think I've played that one. Last one I played was... seven, I think? Dude with the spikey hair and humongous sword?
<Scott> ..::stops:: Nothin', I forgot what I was gonna say.
<Piotr> I do write to her... At least 2 or 3 times a month... But she must have grown up so much since I have last seen her... I probably wouldn't recognize her... ::almost meek tone to his voice, eventually coughing and snapping out of it:: I am sorry, I had a, how do you call it.... Moment?
<Sydney> Oh, I loved that game but I never did beat it.
<Jean> Scott..::sighs and closes her eyes for a second and then opens them:: Just..give me a little bit..working..uhm..::looks at him agian and then rubs her forehead:: a's really hard to I can't talk about it..but just..need a bit of time..I'm sorry
<Rogue> ... ::shakes her head:: no, Ah don't want anythin'..
<Ororo> ::snickers quietly:: That's cool. Kinda wish I had had a sibling or something. But they'd probably be dead too. ::glances over her shoulder, and waves faintly to Sydney::
<Scott> ..::nods head head, fake smile:: Yeah, I understand totally.
<Scott> ::does his best to try and shield what he's feeling::
<Sydney> ::Waves to Ororo.:: You two are brave, swimming today.
<Piotr> ::puts his arms on her waist:: I am sorry.... I suppose we are both fortunate to have found such a nice place for us... Unfortunately things are not nearly as nice back home..
<Bobby> I think I did, can't really remember now... ::frowns in concentration, then sees Sydney waving to someone and waves to them too:: Hey guys.
<Jean> I'm sorry. Tomorrow..should be as right as rain, and don't fake don't have the eyes to pull it off ::gives him a slight smile..pats him on the arm and moves towards the lockerroom:
<Ethan> Ah..Right..::nods, slightly::
<Jean> ::sighs and titls her head back:: ((God that sucked..gonna shoot Ro for getting me in this mood)) :; as she pushes the lockerroom door open::
<Rogue> ..did you want to watch TV? Ah'm not using it...
<Scott> ::walks back outside.. and stands by his chair for a second::
<Ororo> We oughta go there sometime. Isn't it cold as hll though? ::shakes her head for a moment::
<Sydney> ::Heads inside.:: It's in the living room?
<Piotr> It is much colder than here, especially in the winter... But during the spring and summer it is beautiful... Although my hometown is not really that big, it is sort of a development or ghetto I suppose you could say, nobody except the factory supervisors have abundant amounts of money
<Bobby> ::looks at Syd while she talks to Ororo, then quickly looks away as she talks to him again:: Um, yup, I think it's in the entertainment somewhere, buried beneath a bunch of other crap heh.
<Ororo> ::gets one of her infamous devious grins starting:: Bet I could fix that. And trust me, sweetheart, I can relate to the ghetto crap.
<Scott> ::it would seem that he's looking straight out.. watches Ro and Pete::
<Ethan> Uhm..I think I'm fine, actually..not really anything on, that I know of. ::Sits down slowly in a recliner::
<Rogue> ::brow furrows for a minute, before she blurts out:: How come you people are so laid back all the time?
<Piotr> ::was looking into Ro's eyes but his concentration is suddenly broken at the eery feeling of being watched and then coughs and lets go of 'ro's waist and crouches down to only allow his head to appear above water:: Anyway... I think it is unfortunate that there are so many people in the world living without a place to sleep or food to eat, and then others that have so much money and do nothing but waste it on nonsense....
<Piotr> I suppose that is why I admire Professor Xavier, he actually helps people with the money he has... ::sighs::
<Ororo> ::frowns for a moment:: I guess..
<Jean> ::sighs as she looks at her locker for a minute..her expression growing with anger..before she smacks her palm against the locker..causing it to pop open..startling her a bit..she looses the anger..shakes her hand off and shakes her head before starting to change back into her clothes::
<Ethan> ::Shrugs, slightly:: I don't know about the rest of them..but I'm just usually prone to being laid back. Just comes from keeping to myself or something, I guess..I dunno. ::Raises an eyebrow:: How come you're always so quiet?
<Scott> ::snaps out of hios trance and moves his head to look at Ro:: Where'd Pete go?
<Ororo> ::shrugs as he walks off, and slips out of the pool:: Huh, s'cold as hell now.. ::nearly jumps again, as she hears Scott's voice:: Don't do that!
<Scott> ::jumps himself:: Sorry about that.. Maybe I should announce myself whenever I enter a new area
<Jean> ::her hair drying wavy..she scrunches it with her hand before putting her glasses on and closes her locker..she walks towards the main area of the house::
<Rogue> ::shakes her head, frowning:: Not what Ah meant. Y'all.. just go around in this place like it's all normal or somethin', and no one cares when a couple of.. when me and Petey show up from the Brotherhood, an' .. Ah don't know.. ::shakes her head again::
<Ororo> Oh..My bad. I was just thinking about something. Uh, he ran off though. Think something's bothering him. What'd you do to Jean? ::glances up to him, as she wills the temperature to warm up a bit around hersef, with a concentrated brow::
<Scott> ..::shrugs:: No clue. She was just acting weird.. I dunno.
<Sydney> Looks like the place is occupied. Hmm...
<Jean> ::sighs as she moves into the kitchen:: ((Studying..probably best thing to do..need to anyways..need rations though)) ::looks through the cabinets::
<Ororo> ((Shit. On top of everything else.)) ::pulls the towel around her waist again, having dried herself off, and glances over to him yet again:: Talk about awkward.
<Scott> You're telling me.
<Ethan> Oh. ::Shrugs, slightly:: I've just gotten used to being here, I guess. As for you and Petey..I dunno..I just have this sense about guys seem like you're on the, why not trust you as much as I trust the rest of these guys. I mean..people can change their mind about things.
<Bobby> Well, there are other tvs around the mansion, I guess... I think. ::frowns::
<Jean> ::grabs a new bag of oreos, and a bag of cheetos..grabs a big bottle of water from the fridge and heads out towards the stairs:: ((Just camp out in my room the whole night..sounds good))
<Rogue> ::frowns and picks at her gloves:: Y'all don't know anything about us, and it's like none of ya care...
<Ethan> ::Blinks:: That's not true..I just kinda figured I'd give you your space..that you didn't like being here, or something..::Shrugs, slightly:: You always seem so jumpy, I didn't want to force you to talk or anything...not that I'm entirely the best at talking to people, anyways.
<Scott> ..::wraps his towel around his waist, slides back into his flipflops::
<Rogue> ... ::frowns at her hands, hearing noises in the hall outside::
<Ororo> ((He bettern ot be..)) So yeah, I'll probably get that motor fixed tomorrow, I guess.
<Scott> Oh yeah. Are you sure you're not gonna need help with that? ::brushes his hair back agian::
<Ethan> So..::Rubs the back of his head:: Uhm..((Right..think fast..gotta be a way to ask about her or something..))
<Jean> ::opens the door to her room..throwing the food on her bed and goes to grab her books and stuff..and sets up in there::
<Ororo> Hmmm..Well okay. In the morning, before the morning routine. Think you can handle that? ::smirks confidently::
<Scott> Please, I'm up at dawn.
<Rogue> ::tugs on her gloves::
<Ororo> That late? Geez Summers, no wonder you're always so half awake. ::continues to smirk as she ties her hair up in a makeshift bun::
<Scott> ::raises an eyebrow:: I never see you up and about before then.
<Ethan> <<I didn't see you guys come in..heh heh..>>
<Sydney> ::Glances at Bobby then at Ethan and Rogue.:: Uhm... mind if we barge in?
<Ethan> Uh..::Looks up, seeing Syd come in:: Hey.
<Ororo> Morning jog, and just out there enjoying it all. Or working on the..nevermind. ::folds her arms::
<Rogue> ::shrugs, eyeing them:: ((Not my house, dunno why they ask..))
<Scott> On the what?
<Bobby> ::waves to Ethan and Rogue:: Hey kiddies.
<Sydney> We were going to see what kind of games they have here, but we don't want to interupt.
<Ororo> The new X-Jet. ::levels a gaze at him:: Kidding.. No, it's just something outside. If you ever lighten up, I'll show you.