Mission Log #17


<Warren> @@
<Kitty> @@
<Jason> @@
<Rogue> @@
<Alex> @@
<Jason> :::Passed out on the living room couch, snoring loudly and drooling out of the corner of his mouth:::
<Scott> ::having pulled himself out of the office.. sits outside on the back stairs, looking through some files::
<Rogue> ::sitting in the living room, frowning at a homework assignment and shooting intermittent dark looks at Jason:: 
<Warren> ::sitting on the roof, doodling into a sketchbook:: 
<Kitty> ::walks downstairs and into the living room whilist on her way to the kitchen:: ((I can't believe I lost my screwdriver again!..))
<Rogue> ::closes the textbook with a loud 'thwack' and drops the book and her papers on the side table, heading out of the living room:: ((No good, can't concentrate...))
<Scott> ::scratches the back of his head:: Man we're gonna be in something
<Scott> ::stands up and starts walking off the steps down into the garden
<Scott> << +::>>
<Rogue> ::glances out the window:: ((Wonder where he's going..)) ::stops at the back door, hand on the knob::
<Kitty> ::goes into the kitchen and start rummaging through drawers::
<Jason> :::Rolls over, falling off the couch and hitting the floor with a grunt:::
<Rogue> ::swings it open and heads out, glancing around as she sticks her hands in her pockets::
<Warren> ::looks down at scott as he steps into view, slips his pencil behind his ear, tears the page from the sketch book he was drawing on, crumbles it into a ball and hurls it at scott's head:: 
<Alex> ::walks out of the kitchen, munching on an energy bard, idly rubs one of his piercings he had to put back in after the DR session::
<Scott> ::looks back as hears the door open and close behind him..gets hit in the forehead by crumbled up ball of paper:: the hell? ::looks up and sees Warren, smirks:: Ass!!
<Jason> :::Pushes himself off the floor, running the back of his hand across his face to remove the drool there::: What time is it? Anyone? :::Looks around through half-lidded eyes:::
<Rogue> ::looks up as well, at the motion, and snickers slightly::
<Warren> ::smirks:: You know what the professor says about littering, Scott. 
<Scott> Yeah, this..::flips Warren off jokingly and picks up the ball of paper::
<Jason> :::Gets to his feet, then stumbles into the kitchen, looking blitzed::: Anyone home
<Alex> ::hears rummaging around in the kitchen behind him after finishing the energy bar, as if it was the only thing for him to pay attention to, and heads back into the kitchen:: ((Hmm? Maybe I'll catch Scott trying to sneak one of the Professor's beers.. then I'll have something to taunt him about..)) ::considers that:: ((Nah..))
<Warren> ::chuckles, tucking the sketchbook under his arm and leaping down from the roof, spreading his wings to glide down to the ground gently:: 
<Kitty> ::closes a drawer right before the two walk in, and blinks at Jason's appearance:: Like, woah... were you mauled by a rabid dustbunny?
<Rogue> ::eyes Warren's sketchbook curiously:: ((Didn't know he drew...)) 
<Scott> So that's an invitation to come over now? Did you learn that from your fellow execs?
<Jason> Didn't get much sleep last night...then the DR session...running on empty.
<Scott> ::looks to Rogue and shakes his head:: Guardian Angels these days..
<Alex> I'd suggest one of the fudge energy bars with a coffee chaser, that'd wake you up..
<Rogue> ::small smile:: Whatchy'all up to?
<Warren> Well... ::puckish grin, eying rogue:: If you two want to be alone here, I'll just, take off. ::grin widens at the pun::
<Scott> I got sick of the office so I decided to come outside and-- ::looks at War, groans: That was just bad, War.
<Kitty> ::with a shrug:: Or you could go back to sleep and not have to worry about coming off of a total caffiene high..
<Rogue> ::rolls her eyes slightly:: Really bad..
<Jason> I could use a caffine high right about now. Good shows coming on tonight and I don't want to end up crashing 'round 6.
<Scott> Since when did you become an artiste, War? ::motions to the sketchbook::
<Warren> ::chuckles, glancing from scott to the book:: You flatter me, but you haven't seen what in it. 
<Alex> ::glances to Kitty:: Ahh.. ::small, almost knowing grin:: but without the lows, how would you be able to appreciate the highs?
<Jason> :::Goes 'bout setting up a pot of coffee to brew::: I swear, after all these DR sessions, I have cramps in muscles I didn't know I had.
<Scott> I doubt it's that bd
<Rogue> ::glances back up at the roof:: You draw landscapes or somethin'?
<Warren> ::shakes his head at rogue, gesturing to the wad of paper in scott's hand (presumably):: Well, take a look.
<Kitty> ::turns to look at Alex:: Doesn't mean that the lows are *good* for you or anything. Highs either, now that I think about it. ::musing look, then glances over at Jason:: Aww, they're not that bad!
<Jason> Maybe not to you. But, I'm the infiltration guy. I don't specialize in seeing how many ways my body can bend before it *really* hurts.
<Scott> Oh. ::shakes his head in spite of himself::
<Scott> ::uncrumples the wad of paper::
<Rogue> ::looks at the crumpled paper Scott's holding expectantly::
<Alex> ::raises an appraising brow at Kitty:: ((She's smarter than she puts on to being..)) Some people don't have the option to walk through most of the obstacles, either.. ::smirks, leaning back against the counter::
<Scott> ::both eyebrows raise..looks at Rogue trying not to be obvious that he is::
<Rogue> ::eyes dart:: ...well, it's uh, realistic. 
<Warren> ::decidedly less jovial tone:: You don't have to pretend for me, neither of you is very good at it. 
<Kitty> ::shrugs and smiles:: Oh, hey.. you guys know where a screwdriver is? I didn't just want to, you know, steal one outta the garage without telling anyone..
<Scott> It's good. But I wasn't expecting it.
<Rogue> Well, if Ah have a nightmare tonight about them ::gestures at the paper:: Ah'm blaming you.
<Alex> You know, I bet.. my bro.. ..Scott could schedule you some optional sessions to help you out, if that's what you need. ::yawns, looking to Kitty:: Flat-head or Phillip's?
<Warren> Heh. ::half smirk:: 
<Scott> ::moves a little closer to Warren, lowly to him:: That...guy get you into drawing to.. y'know..
<Rogue> ::looks at the picture again, her expression somewhat unreadable::
<Kitty> Flat-headed. ::nods::
<Jason> Screwdriver....that reminds me, I need to look into getting a vehicle. I feel so...isolated here.
<Rogue> It does look real, though... ::quietly::
<Alex> Oh. ::small shrug:: I can't help you, then. I borrowed the phillip's from the drawer yesterday, so I was going to go get it.. but.. ::shrugs again, running a hand through his blonde hair::
<Warren> ::quirks an eyebrow at scott's innuendo:: Noone "got me into it." I just saw the book in an office supply catalogue one day. ::smirks and chuckles at the memory::
<Rogue> How long have you been drawing..? ::looks at Warren::
<Scott> Ahh.. heh. ::rubs the back of his neck::
<Jason> :::Grabs a cup from the cupboard, pouring a cup of the coffee::: Let's see how I did...:::Takes a sip, then swallows with some that's strong
<Warren> I--did it when I was little, just refridgerator art for Mom, nothing that would be worth anything--once I died. I only picked it up again six weeks ago. Six weeks, four days-- ::idly glances at his watch:: ... 
<Kitty> ::with a nod:: I can probably make do and use something else.. ::glances towards the drawer holding the kitchen utensils::
<Rogue> Huh... ::eyebrows raise slightly::
<Scott> ::both eyebrows raise too.. still rubbing the back of his neck::
<Warren> ::uncomfortable chuckle:: I can't be the only one with interesting, new hobbies. What have you two discovered lately?
<Rogue> ::looks back and forth from Warren to Scott with a vaguely confused expression:: ((Yeah, Ah missed something.)) 
<Scott> Shit man, I wish.
<Jason> :::Takes another sip of the coffee, now fully awake::: This is Navy rated coffee. The kinda stuff that'll strip paint off bulkheads. Now, it's missing that hint of jet fuel.
<Scott> I haven't had time to really do anything. With the Professor out touring...
<Alex> I'd suggest a butter knife.. ::heads over to the coffee maker:: They work as a replacement for a flat-head, and they're not too bad for opening some locked doors..
<Rogue> Ah don't really have a hobby.. ::slight shrug, looks down the path through the woods to the lake::
<Sydney> ::Paints quietly in the libaray, looking at a book with photo of a painting she's atempting to copy, and doesn't have much luck on. A faint smell of turpintine in the air.:: ((It looks like something the Blob just sat down on.)) ::Frowns at her rendition with dissapointment.:: I'm wasteing money....
<Kitty> ::with a chuckle:: You have experience with opening doors, huh?
<Sydney> ::Lightly throws a sheet partly covering the painting and starts to clean up, knowing the professior would have a fit if he knew about painting in the libaray.::
<Warren> The professor-- ::pauses, takes a breath::
<Alex> ::spreads his hands:: I've had.. some experience.. ::small grin:: It's not like I'm lucky enough to have my own genetic key to any door..
<Scott> ..The professor what?
<Rogue> ::scuffs a leaf off the pathway, looking at Warren::
<Warren> --isn't here. ::grins::
<Rogue> ::blank look::
<Jason> I just got the genetic gift to slip into the girl's showers with problems. :::Smirks as he takes another sip of his coffee:::
<Scott> Let's walk down to the lake.. ::moves back to the stairs to grab his files, then back to War and Rogue::
<Scott> I haven't been out there since.. Jean..y'know.
<Kitty> ::narrows her eyes at Jason:: Thanks for the heads-up.. ((Time to put an infared camera into the locker rooms.. wonder if I could build one myself?..))
<Sydney> ::She takes the can turpintine and starts to clean the oil paint off with it, using a make shift mask with a long hankerchief.:: ((I hate breaking a rule, but I feel safe painting here... no one EVER comes by and they'd... just laugh.))
<Rogue> ::averts her eyes at the mention of Jean:: ..Ah was just headed out there, actually. Mind jogging instead of walking? ::looks back to Warren and Scott::
<Jason> :::Runs what Kitty and he just said, then smacks his forehead::: ((Stupid! Never tell'em your plans until after it's done.)) But seriously, I would never do that, because I respect your privacy.
<Alex> ::chuckles and shakes his head at Jason:: If you treat women right, you won't need to peep on them to get any semblence of action with them..
<Scott> ::blinks, taken aback:: Did *YOU* just ask *ME* if we could jog?
<Jason> I do treat women right. :::Puts his arm around Kitty::: Isn't that right, hon?
<Rogue> ::shifts her feet:: What? You make us jog all week, Ah'd hate to get outta practice.
<Sydney> ::Opens a plastic bin and lightly tosses her cleaned brushes and tubes of oil paint and covered mixed paint into it.:: ((Just another thing I can't do... pity that, I was decent once.)) ::Lugs it out of the libaray and heads to her room, sure her squashed cabbage of a painting can dry there until she gets back in a few days.::
<Kitty> ::rolling her eyes at Jason:: Riiiight, whatever. ::phases herself, stepping backwards and away from his arm::
<Jason> :::Smirks at Alex::: She's crazy about me, can't you tell?
<Scott> ...::to himself:: what parallel universe did I slide into? ::grins and looks at Rogue, motions:: Let's go. War, c'mon. ::starts jogging, trying to keep the files tucked under his arm so they don't fly away::
<Alex> That's.. one way to put it.. ::snickers::
<Rogue> ::squints at Scott:: Why're you takin' those? ::motions at the files::
<Jason> :::Shakes his head::: Hey, I can attract the opposite sex without problems. :::Hides his sour look behind his coffee cup::: They just always want to be friends.
<Warren> ::yells:: So he can throw them in the lake in a wild, passionate moment of reckless abandon! 
<Scott> I can't just leave them lying around for the Russians will get our secret missile defense plans.
<Warren> I like my version better. ::smirks::
<Alex> ::gets himself a cup of coffee:: What's wrong with that? ::sips at the coffee, barely reacting:: ((Not bad..))
<Scott> Of course you do, War, of course you do.
<Kitty> ::giggles softly, turning tangible again:: Maybe you're just not acting the right way..
<Rogue> ::giggles, or something awfully close to one, and starts off after:: 
<Sydney> ::Goes to the bathroom soon after to wash up.::
<Jason> Oh, nothing wrong with being friends. But, after awhile, one finds themself looking for....something more.
<Sydney> ::Making sure all the paint is off of her she heads downstairs towards the kitchen.::
<Kitty> ::opens the fridge and snags a soda, then sits on a nearby counter::
<Scott> Pick it up, Worthington! ::picks up speed::
<Rogue> ::hurries to catch up, running until she's level with Scott, then dropping back to a jog::
<Sydney> ::There's a slight look of fear when she sees the others at the kitchen table and quickly drops her head, letting her hair veil her face as she moves to the fridge.::
<Alex> Ahh, that's your problem right there.. ::uneasy look over giving advice in love to someone older than he is, it passes:: You shouldn't make your goal so lofty as a wife. Aim for a meaningful friendship. ::shrugs::
<Kitty> ::cheerily:: Hi Sydney! Want to help us out with untangling Jason's relationship problems?
<Warren> ::puckish grin:: Whatever you say, captain! ::beats his wings elevating a few off the ground::
<Jason> :::Looks to Alex::: Alright, that's enough of my coffee for you. Put the cup down and step away.
<Scott> ::mutters:: You're such a showoff!
<Rogue> ::jogs just a bit faster than Scott, hiding a smirk::
<Sydney> ::Almost jumps right out of her skin, and whirls around and looks slightly confused for a moment.:: Uhm... I don't know if I'll be much help. ::She says softly.::
<Scott> Aww y' wanna race?
<Alex> ::nods to Syd and gestures his cup of coffee toward her:: Then have some coffee, that'll make you talk a bit.. ::contemplative look:: although, I'm not sure if hyperactive spasms really add to a conversation or not..
<Rogue> What, Warren's gonna beat us so now ya wanna beat me to feel better? ::slight grin::
<Warren> You haven't seen showing off. ::chuckles::
<Jason> Seriously, I don't need relationship help. :::Refills his coffee cup::: I'm a perfectly happy, normal...:::Mutters the last word::
<Sydney> ::Holds her hands behind her back for a moment and slowly slides into a chair.::
<Scott> Why not? ::quickens his pace::
<Rogue> ... ::breaks into a run again:: If ya think you can!
<Kitty> ::lightly swinging her feet as she opens her soda and takes a quick sip:: Wellll, if you say so...
<Alex> ::shrugs:: Then you at least need to get out more. You're constantly surrounded by people who aren't your age.. that can't be good for your mental state.. ::mumbles:: not to mention some of it's illegal in most states
<Warren> ::flies after the competitive duo, chuckling::
<Scott> ::looks back and sees Rogue quickly gaining on him, starts to break out in a run too::
<Rusty> ::takes a seat on the main stairs, trying to read a book::
<Jason> Gee, let me think....:::Sets his coffee cup down, then counts on his fingers:::...I have no car...I'm flat broke...I know no one outside the others in this house...oh, and I'm a mutant. Starting to get the picture?
<Rogue> ::eyes narrowed, bites her lip and sprints:: ((Ah just might be able to beat him... if he's expectin' me to be slow...))
<Sydney> You're not that hampered by your powers. ::Idly starts trancing patterns on the tabletop.:: Girls like moonlight walks...
<Kitty> ::with a smile:: Then go get a job! Walking to work won't kill you, y'know.
<Alex> ::gets up and walks over to Jason, peering at his forehead, then licks his thumb and rubs Jason's forehead with it before moving back to look at Jason again:: You're right.. ::lets out a dramatic sigh:: the stamp on your forehead that says "Mutant, rawr, run!" appears to be permanent..
<Scott> ::watches Rogue pass him up...:: ((Huh?)) ::tries to catch up::
<Rusty> ::looks up and stares out across the lawns:: ((I don't suppose the Navy will take me after associating myself with these "terrorists"))
<Jason> So, you're suggesting I go out in public, get a job, and list *this mansion* as my port of call? I might as well have a "mutant stamp" on my forehead.
<Rogue> Hah! ::laughs and nearly stumbles going around a bend in the path, but quickly recovers and holds her lead::
<Alex> ::moves back to his spot with a shrug, leaning against the counter and glances to Syd:: What do you think?
<Sydney> PO Box
<Scott> ::reaches the lake after Rogue and Warren::
<Kitty> ::nods at what Sydney said::
<Rusty> ((I'm thirsty...)) ::fold sup the book and walks back inside, trying to find the kitchen, but finding several other rooms instead::
<Jason> :::Taps his cup for a few seconds, then nods::: This might actually work. But that only takes care of the money problem.
<Kitty> No it doesn't! From working, you'll get to know people there, and more likely than not they'll introduce you to someone.
<Rogue> ::brushes hair out of her eyes, slowing and stopping near the dock, and looking back:: Geez, what'd you do, stop?
<Sydney> Dr. Xavier can't stop you from getting your own place eventually, you know.
<Rusty> ::follows the voices to the kitchen, and peeks in:: ((why are there so many people in here? I guess I'll just, get a drink and leave)) ::walks in and heads straight for the fridge::
<Alex> ::glances back to Jason:: And I'm sure the Prof could work out a system with you so you're claiming residence somewhere that isn't traced to here..
<Sydney> Hi there.
<Scott> ::coughs:: Yeah.. ((How did she..?)) Have you been running outside of the group runs?
<Jason> My own place? :::Looks mock shocked::: What, and leave such interesting people? Avoid DR sessions? Perish the thought.
<Sydney> Isn't that the true goal for all of us?
<Sydney> Be apart of society?
<Warren> You alright, Scott? ::curious quirk of brow:: ((I didn't think she was running that fast...))
<Rogue> ::perfectly straight face:: Why on earth would Ah do that? You know how much Ah hate 'em. ::sits down on the dock, crosslegged, not even really breathing hard::
<Rusty> ::gets a soda:: hello.. ::heads back for the door::
<Scott> I'm fine. ::walks out onto the dock::
<Jason> Syd, tell me, do you understand the concept of "sarcasm"?
<Scott> ::removes his glasses and massages the bridge of his nose::
<Rogue> Headache? ::frowns slightly::
<Scott> ::puts his glasses back on and opens his eyes again:: Nah..
<Warren> ::lands, looking back and forth between scott and rogue, shrugs, an exagerated action involving his wings as much as his shoulders, that's both funny looking and oddly graceful if you'll allow such an oxymoron:: 
<Rusty> ::stops just before the door and leans against the wall, popping open the can and watching the group talking:: ((it would be nice to have friends again.. I hope this "professor" Xavier can really help me get this thing under control))
<Alex> ::sighs and massages the bridge of his nose, shaking his head, gets distracted by his pierced eyebrow, idly fiddles with it before removing his hand:: Don't rip into her just because she's offering her opinion.. we're only having a conversation. ::shrugs::
<Sydney> ::Half blinks, staring slightly.:: I... uhm... not used to it. ::Looks back at the pretty patterns on the table.::
<Jason> :::Eyebrows droop, nods::: Sorry Syd, it's just...:::Sighs:::...I gotta face it, I'm not who I used to be.
<Rogue> ::picks up a feather that drifted away from War's wings and absently twirls it between gloved fingers::
<Sydney> ::Nods.::
<Rusty> ::looks over Kitty, then Sydney:: ((its not too bad here)) ::finishes the can off::
<Warren> ::listens to the crickets:: You know, none of us ever really--talks--about our pasts, before Xavier. 
<Scott> ::walks towards the end of the dock.. looks a little down...glances back to Warren::
<Rogue> ::laces her fingers together in her lap, letting the feather blow away:: ..
<Jason> But, seriously, you're making some good points, giving some good ideas....making me feel like an ass. :::Takes another sip of coffee::: 
<Rusty> ((still thirsty)) ::goes for another can::
<Kitty> ::curiously:: ..And.. who did you used to be?
<Scott> Yeah.. ::looks to Rogue::
<Rogue> Never did much worth talkin' about.
<Rusty> ::closes the fridge and pops open the second can, leaning against the fridge:: ((I wonder if I should butt in and say something..)) 
<Jason> I used to be? :::Turns his eyes skyward, scratching his chin::: Well, I used to be a rebellious youth who wanted more than to follow family traditions. Got into college, set my sight towards the stars...and then got labeled a mutant and life spiraled into a hellhole.
<Rusty> hellhole... interesting choice of words ::takes a sip::
<Rogue> ::rubs one gloved arm and speaks quietly:: an' Ah suppose what Ah did do, Ah'm not real proud of...
<Scott> ::mutters:: jointheclub..
<Rogue> ::glances to Warren, a bit evasively:: What made you decide to do the... costumed superhero thing?
<Jason> Before the Professor offered me a second chance, I was rooming with a friend. Barely had any money. My family had disowned me. I had nothing to look forward to.
<Warren> Maybe--maybe I shouldn't have brought it up. Let's just, forget I ever said anything--and, and no one's ever actually asked me that.
<Kitty> ::bows her head a bit, speaking softly:: Oh.
<Warren> I guess--I suppose--
<Sydney> ::Shifts in her seat.:: Family isn't everything sometimes... ((That's what I tell myself.)) ::Tugs the sleeves of her long sleeved shirt under the table.:: 
<Rogue> ::waits, twisting the tip of a glove finger::
<Warren> Social obligation. ::annunciates the words like he's really pondering their meaning even as they come out of his mouth, something he doesn't often do::
<Rogue> ::confused frown:: Meaning..?
<Jason> :::Shakes his head::: As far as my family is concerned, I don't exist. :::Shrugs::: And as far as I'm concerned, we're even. :::Starts to take another drink of his coffee, then instead pours it out in the sink::: That's enough caffine for now.
<Rusty> at least you had a family.. people who gave a damn... ::takes a drink:: and came out of it all with no sharp pointy objects thrown at your head by large mobs of insane idiots.. I can't even understand why you people try to protect them
<Sydney> Actually... I'm only here because no one else would want me. I see protecting people as.... ::frowns and whispers very softly.:: Paying rent.
<Rusty> Do you even know what people out there say about you guys? You're all terrorists! 
<Warren> I can't pulverize a mountain with a glance, but I still have a gift that sets me apart from the rest of society--and I have wings. ::comedic pause::
<Jason> See, we're terrorists now. I already have a full-time job. :::Shakes his head::: Bunch of ingrates, I tells ya.
<Sydney> They think I'm already insane...
<Rogue> ::a couple beats later, catches it and half-smirks:: And an ego, maybe?
<Sydney> At the least, most other powers can be explained and BELIEVED.
<Rusty> ::tightens his grip around the can:: my only ticket to a make something of my life, gone.. I can't even leave this place, or those damn.. things.. will hunt me down ::starts to get hot::
<Scott> ::looks lost in thought...::
<Warren> ::decidedly lighter tone:: I never claimed humility was one the gifts, but with great power and resources come great responsibility.
<Sydney> ::Falls silent, hearing the mocking chirring of ghosts ringing in her ears.::
<Kitty> ::looks to Rusty with a slight frown:: It's not that bad.. you're with friends now..
<Rogue> ::smirk fades:: ...How do you keep doing it.. even when they hate you for tryin' to help them?
<Rusty> :;takes a deep breath and calms himself down:: sorry.. I didn't mean to go off like that... ::looks at the floor:: its been a rought couple of weeks
<Jason> Syd, you're not insane. You're just as sane as I am. :::Looks to Rusty::: We all have those kinda days. Life isn't easy anymore.
<Scott> ((Should I tell him..?)) ::rubs the back of his neck::
<Kitty> ::nods at what Jason said, taking a long drink of her soda::
<Rusty> friends? I wonder... how can that be when people who get too close to me get hurt, or die.. or I burn them up... ::sighs:: when you play those games.. and, people always wish they had magic powers... well... its not all fun and games I guess when its for real... 
<Warren> Maybe--maybe I've taken the whole "guardian angel" thing to heart. How does God keep loving us, even when we cause him so much pain? 
<Rogue> ... ::twists at her glove finger some more:: ..Ah.. don't know if Ah really believe in God...
<Scott> ::questioningly looks at Rogue, mouths... should I?::
<Rogue> ::looking at her hands, misses it::
<Rusty> ::looks at Kitty:: I know what you do.. but what do the rest of you... y'know, do...
<Scott> ::glances at War::
<Scott> ::looks like he really needs to tell him something but can't::
<Jason> I can become invisible and sneak into places I probably shouldn' the girls showers.
<Kitty> ::looks to Sydney, pointing at Jason:: We can hurt him now, right?
<Sydney> ::Nods.::
<Jason> Which of course I would never do, as I totally respect their privacy. :::Looks fearful:::
<Warren> I stopped going to church after my parents died. I was angry with God for years. I don't know why I went back. I think I wanted him to get a good look at what I thought was a cruel, cruel joke. I--I seem to be rambling.
<Scott> ..I understand..
<Rusty> I envy you, something like that can't randomly hurt others...
<Scott> Some of the things I remember... I remember going to church as a kid.. catholic. I haven't been back..
<Rusty> what about you? ::looks at Sydney::
<Kitty> ::shakes the soda can at Jason threatningly::
<Sydney> ::Looks at the table top.:: ...seeandtalktoghosts ::quickly::
<Jason> :::Trying to sound helpful::: She sees dead people.
<Rusty> what, like Casper? ::scratches his head:: do they ever say anything interesting?
<Scott> I can't.. why'd he let them die? Why did he give me this? ::taps his visor::
<Sydney> They say everything there is to be said... they never stop...
<Jason> They haven't revealed where my "stash" is, have they? :::Looks mock frightened:::
<Rusty> I guess that would get annoying... ::looks at Kitty:: and you walk through walls.. thats all i can remember of that night
<Rogue> ...Ah used to think maybe Ah'd done somethin' so bad God cursed me with.. ::rubs her hands together, somewhat fitfully:: ..well... 'Rene told me... there isn't no one could do somethin' so bad that God would give 'em somethin' they didn't have the strength to get through somehow... ::picks at a seam:: ..Ah dunno if Ah ever believed her.
<Rogue> ::weak laugh:: An' then Momma told her to stop feedin' me religious bullshit and to hurry up or we'd miss the train. So.
<Sydney> (("Annoying..?"))
<Sydney> If they have Jason, I think I drowned it out long ago.
<Scott> ::laughs::
<Scott> War... I.. uhh ::looks at Rogue::
<Rusty> ::throws the can away:: does this professor know what he's doing? he said he would teach me to control myself so i don't burn people anymore, but I don't even know what causes it
<Rogue> ::looks up::
<Jason> :::In a bad Yoda voice::: Slow process, it is. Not easy to find, the Force is not. Time, it will take much. Mmm-hmm.
<Scott> ::..opens his mouth to speak...:: I.. ::closes again::
<Scott> ::looks to Rogue again::
<Warren> ::faces takes on a momentary look of panic that he quickly shield beneath a calm veneer:: ((He's going to tell me he has cancer or something!)) ::smiles reassuringly::
<Rusty> I hope he can do something. I can't go back to my uncle's house, he'd probably organize a lynch mob.. and the Navy won't take me now.. I have no place else to go. ::shakes his head:: ((how did this happen? WHY did this happen?))
<Scott> When Xavier found me... I...I...
<Rogue> ::looks from Scott, to Warren, and back:: ((He's your friend... trust him.))
<Jason> If he'd thought you were beyond help, do you think he'd keep you in the dark. :::Shakes his head::: You are not beyond help, none of us are. If we were, I doubt we'd all be here.
<Scott> ::looks to be pained saying it:: I was a strung out addict dirty fucking prostitute.. ::looks away::
<Sydney> ::Shurgs.:: I just think... no matter what side we're 'on', we'd be tools.
<Rusty> yeah, well.. maybe he just thought removing me from the general population would protect them from harm.. :;shrugs::
<Rogue> ::bites her lip::
<Warren> ((I don't think he's been this tongue tied since--)) ::wings do the equivalent of a jaw drop, while face remains calm and steely:: --Jean came to visit? ::blinks:: 
<Rusty> ::stands up straight:; I'm embarassed to ask this, but.. what are your names again? 
<Scott> ::face is red:: ..huh?
<Jason> We're not tools. We have free will, we can choose our own path. :::Looks from Syd to Rusty::: If he didn't believe we were worth saving, he'd have left us to fate. We'd probably all be behind bars now, if not worse.
<Sydney> Sydney.
<Warren> Err, uhh, not what I meant to say, not at all what I meant to say. ::consciously reels in his wings presses them down against his back, then stands and paces towards the end of the dock:: 
<Jason> :::Face goes blank for a second, then he smacks the side of his head::: Jason. My name's Jason.
<Rogue> ::draws her knees up to her chest, gaze darting from one to the other::
<Kitty> ::with a cheery wave to Rusty:: I'm Kitty.. and I think I better go finish what I was working on..
<Scott> ::looks very nervous:: ..say something...
<Rusty> I'm Rusty... ::looks at Kitty for a moment:: um.. so, what is there to do around here?
<Warren> ::stares out over the surface of the lake, trying to reconcile the image of scott and "strung out addict dirty fucking prostitute":: ... Something. 
<Scott> ::looks at Rogue::
<Kitty> ::stands, dropping her soda can in the nearest trash can, then walks out the kitchen door and back upstairs::
<Rogue> ::staring at War's back as if she can will him to turn around:: ((Don't turn your back on him...))
<Scott> ..::looks shamefully down on the water:: ((Should I just go?))
<Jason> To do around here? Short of watching grass grow or our local "soup opera"? Eh, watch TV, read books, study, or exercise.
<Rusty> I like to read... is there a library?
<Warren> ::looks back over his shoulder, then quickly turns away:: I-I-I don't know what to say, and I hate that. 
<Jason> Indeed, indeed. :::Looks to Syd::: Think you could show him to the library?
<Sydney> Uhm.. okay. ::Gets up from her chair.::
<Scott> first time for everything..
<Scott> ::looks at Rogue again.. stands up::
<Sydney> Follow me. ::Slightly waves to Rusty.::
<Warren> Scott. ::turns around to face him and not an image in the back of his mind::
<Rogue> ::looks over at Scott:: ..
<Warren> It doesn't matter.
<Scott> ::sighs of relief...::
<Rogue> ::slowly lets her breath out as well, not having realized she was holding it::
<Warren> Does--does anyone else... know?
* Rusty` is now known as Rusty
<Scott> The Professor.. and Rogue.. 
<Scott> Please.. don't tell anyone.. especially Alex.. I can't... I just got him back.. I can't..
<Warren> Then why--why tell me?
<Scott> You're my friend... I thought you should know... You told me about you.. I had to tell you
<Rusty> ((maybe its a touchy topic..)) is it a big library?
<Sydney> Pretty big. ::Nods slightly.::
<Warren> ::looks skyward (no idea what time it is):: How long have we been out here? Everyone is going to think we-- ::stops abruptly thinking better of his joke considering the company::
<Rusty> I hope so... the public library in... well, it was pretty small, and most of the books were really old.
<Rogue> ::flicks a pebble into the lake:: ...
<Scott> A while... the sun's going down..
<Sydney> ::Leads to the door of the libaray.:: I like it.. uhm. I go here a lot.
<Sydney> No one else really does.
<Rogue> Weather's nice... ::quietly::
<Scott> ::nods::
<Warren> ::tone is utterly serious and without jest:: Has either of you ever had sex on the beach? 
<Rusty> I hope you don't mind company. I love to read, it was the only way I could "escape" from that place. 
<Scott> I haven't had sex since..
<Rogue> ::sputters and turns to stare at Warren:: ...
<Scott> ::thinks about that for a second:: ...what the?
<Scott> that was random.
<Warren> Relax, ::places a hand on scott's shoulder, squeezes reassuringly:: that's not what I meant; it's a cocktail.
<Sydney> ::Nods.:: I... hide here so I can understand.
<Rusty> ::walks in and looks around:: understand what?
<Rogue> ::flushes and rests her chin on her knees:: ... ((oh))
<Scott> ::looks at Warren's hand, smirks:: I'm gonna have to introduce you to my favorite letter ofthe alphabet..
<Scott> Do you enjoy getting those kindsa reactions outta people?
<Warren> ::thinks about it, then answers quite emphatically:: Yes. 
<Scott> ::shakes his head:: No, never had a sex on the beach.
<Scott> cocktails are for people that can afford 'em.
<Rogue> ah don't drink...
<Warren> And their close friends? ::playful quirk of the brow, grins at scott, turning to rogue with the same grin:: But, Rogue!--it's one of life's oldest and purest vices. We're simply going to have to rectify that tonight. 
<Scott> I don't either really..
<Rogue> ::expression doesn't lighten:: 
<Warren> Oh, but you're not going to make me drink alone are you?! That would just be simply dreadful.
<Sydney> You want to hide from people...
<Scott> ::shakes his head, can't help but laugh at Warren:: you're something else, man.
<Warren> Most indubitably. ::with a flourish, takes an over exaggerated bow::
<Rogue>'s not funny... ::twisting the glove finger again:: you shouldn't... it.. fucks with your head...
<Scott> ::scott deadpan:: are you sure you're not gay? ::smirks... fades and looks at rogue::
<Rusty> ::shrugs:: I guess. I never wanted to, its just.. I never had the best clothes, the most money.. so, people tended to ignore me, because I wasn't "popular." 
<Rogue> ::realizes she's mangling the poor glove and folds her arms over her stomach tightly::
<Warren> Precisely! Don't you ever need to just--let go? Stop living up here ::gestures round his head making a loco/crazy symbol:: and start living up there? ::points at the (eye darts) north star:: 
<Sydney> It's the same with me it seems... ((But mostly because they think I'm an insane gothic satantic chick...))
<Rogue> ::looks at Warren like he sprouted another head::
<Warren> ::sobers... figuratively and eyes scott, looking him dead in the visor/shades:: Are you asking me if I'm happily excited or if I like the company of men, Scott? ::light ironic chuckle::
<Scott> ...::raises an eyebrow:: do rich people come from a different planet? ::looks at Rogue::
<Rusty> so I made friends with :;pulls out a book:; Captain Nemo, and all the other books I could find
<Rogue> ::manages a slight smile:: Ah'm startin' to wonder.
<Scott> ::turns back to Warren:: ....i'm not sure anymore
<Sydney> ::Nods.::
<Warren> These ::flutters his wings to illustrate:: don't exactly afford me a great many opportunities, with men or women. 
<Rusty> ::puts the book down:: how far are we from the ocean? I'd very much like to see it.
<Scott> Please, War. Girls throw themselves at you all the time. People don't care.
<Scott> I'd rather have wings than.. ::taps glasses:: I miss color..
<Rogue> ::flicks another pebble into the water, watching the ripples:: ((Ah miss touch.))
<Sydney> It's... not that far.
<Rusty> what kind of books do you read?
<Sydney> History books, mostly.
<Warren> Let's not get into whose mutation pings the angstometer at a higher tone, please. I don't play games I can't win. ::smirks:: 
<Rusty> oh.. anything in particular?
<Rogue> ::looks back at Scott:: ...If you take off the visor can you see color?
<Scott> ...I don't know
<Rogue> ... ::gestures at the sky:: Look?
<Scott> ..what if I hit something?
<Rogue> What, a cloud? Ah think it'll be just fine.
<Rusty> I always liked old ships.. I think it would be fun to be on a ship with sails, nothing but the stars to guide you
<Scott> A plane.. a bird..
<Sydney> I like... world war stuff.
<Rogue> Do you see a plane? Ah don't see a plane. Do you..? ::looks over to Warren:: And if a bird's dumb enough to fly into a big glowy beam 
<Scott> ..fine
<Warren> I think she's right, Scoot.
<Rogue> Can't hurt nothin' to try...
<Rusty> ::nods:: are you busy or something? I haven't really been shown around except my room and the kitchen
<Scott> ::closes his eyes and pulls off the glasses::
<Rogue> ::watches, curiously::
<Scott> ::tips his head to the sky.. hesitates::
<Sydney> Not really... I don't mind at all. ::smiles::
<Scott> ::opens his eyes and lets off an optic blast to the sky, braces himself against the dock::
<Scott> :
<Scott> ::closes his eyes and replaces his glasses...:: no
<Warren> ::stares, mesmerized at the beam of crimson energy:: It's... big.
<Rusty> ::steps away from the door so she can exit:: 
<Rogue> ::watches the light, then blinks rapidly to rid the afterimage from her eyes... face falls slightly:: Ah'm sorry..
<Scott> It's amazing more desparately you miss the little things when it's gone..
<Scott> Listen to me.. there are people out there that are worse off than I am.
<Rogue> ::fiddles with her glove, looking over at Scott::
<Sydney> ::Walks out into the hall, starting the show.::
<Scott> ::returns Rogue's gaze::
<Warren> When did? How did? ::face is a little flushed as he stares heavenward at the path the blast took:: Your powers?
<Rusty> is anyone allowed to leave the grounds? ((I wonder what color her eyes are))
<Scott> When I was with Jack...
<Sydney> Yes, we are.
<Scott> he saw what I could do.. and used me
<Rogue> ::frowns faintly, gaze unfocusing as if she's remembering things::
<Scott> He locked me in a closet... taped my eyes shut.. and he would use me as his own little weapon... 
<Scott> but you didn't even ask that..
<Sydney> But we do have to ask.
<Rusty> thats good.. ((I wonder where that other girl is today.. what did they call her? Rogue?)) oh.. well, I expected that at least...
<Warren> ::eyes rogue, then scott:: ...
<Rogue> ::digs her nails into her palms slightly:: ...Why does it only shut off when your eyes are closed?
<Scott> I dunno ..what makes you ask that?
<Rusty> ::simply follows along, having run out of questions or things to say::
<Warren> I think our girl Rogue is a mutant physiologist in training. ::smirks::
<Rogue> ..When... in San Francisco, on the bridge... ::touches her head slightly:: only came in little flashes. Ah didn't have to close my eyes.
<Scott> ...wha?
<Rogue> It didn't hurt... like Ah.. like you remember ::shrugs a bit helplessly:: It stopped when Ah wanted it to.
<Scott> ::rubs the back of his neck...:: ...
<Warren> ::quirks a brow:: Someone want to explain to the peanut gallary?
<Rogue> ...Ah don't know what that means. Ah don't know why it even happened to begin with... my powers... were always just memories. 
<Scott> In San Francisco I touched her skin... she absorbed me... and my powers apparently..
<Scott> ..but why would it work differently with you than me?
<Scott> Why did you have control when I can't?
<Rogue> Ah dunno what happened... 
<Rogue> ::mumbles:: Ah even sorta looked like you for awhile there.
<Scott> ::furrows his brow::
<Scott> ((How? that's not fair..)) that's..
<Warren> ::runs his fingers through his hair:: ..ironic
<Rogue> ::bites her lip again:: It's not fair. Ah know.
<Warren> Why can't you two have nice sensible mutations like... webbed digits and gills or prehensile tails? 
<Rogue> but... maybe the professor... Ah mean, he's been busy with all this stuff... but if he knew what made me have your powers... he might know why they.. why Ah could control it.
<Scott> No.. i've learned to live with it.. I can't take him away from his more important stuff..
<Scott> It would be selfish
<Rogue> ::short laugh:: What, selfish to... to not have a headache? 
<Scott> Yeah. that'd be selfish.
<Scott> Like I said.. people have worse things to deal with than headaches
<Rogue> ::looks over at Warren with a 'back me up, here' expression:: The Professor... that would be important to him. 
<Warren> Scott, it'd be more selfish to not give it try, because you're afraid that if you get your hopes up, then you'll only be disappointed.
<Scott> ..And if I am?
<Scott> Shit man.. I've been disappointed so many times in my life.. I can't ruin this.. it'd be risky..
<Rogue> Risky how? It's just... askin' a question.
<Warren> Every day is a risk, Scott. I'd rather take my chances with a wild scheme of the professor's than the cold, mechanical precision of a sentinel.
<Scott> ::looks back down at the water::
<Rogue> ::mumbles:: 'sides, maybe if he was workin' on finding out that about your powers, he'd find out how to stop mine... or at least why mine reacted all weird with you...
<Scott> ..::sighs::
<Warren> ::chuckles:: So be selfish, you little prick. ::smirks::
<Scott> ::slight smile..:: We'll see
<Scott> (( I can't get my hopes up.. I just can't))
<Rogue> ::stares out at the lake:: Y'know what Ah miss? Swimming... 
<Warren> ::eyes widen:: What a silly thing to say while we're sitting on a dock.
<Warren> ::stands and starts to strip down to his skivvies::
<Rogue> ::shakes her head:: Ah... can't anymore. Ah tried--what are you doing?! ::scandalized tone::
<Scott> ::grins, pulls off his shoes and socks and tosses them on the dock::
<Scott> ::pulls off his pants and shirt, tosses it at rogue::
<Rogue> Jesus! ::covers her face:: Ah'm going back to the house..
<Warren> Oh come on Rogue, just hop in! ::dives off the dock::
<Scott> ::dives in after Warren, glasses in one hand, eyes closed.. gasps as he reaches the surface::
<Warren> ::blinks marveling at how eerie everything is underwater in the dusk/dark as he blinks a few times to adjust his eyes:: 
<Rogue> Ah told you, Ah can't! ::pained tone:: ...Ah tried to... came out here once before... Ah just... can't breathe. ::clenches her fists:: Ah fell in a.. river awhile back. Ah almost drowned... ::stares down at the water::
<Warren> ::pops up out of the water, takes a breath, playfully splashes rogue:: What did you say? 
<Scott> ::puts his glasses back on as he treads water, looks at Rogue:: 
<Scott> awhile back?
<Rogue> ::takes a deep breath:: ...awhile back. When Ah tried to swim again, Ah got far enough in for... for the water to get on my face and Ah just... couldn't.
<Warren> What do you mean you couldn't? It's just like riding a bike!
<Rogue> Ah don't know. Ah couldn't.
<Warren> ::pensive look, treads water:: You think it had something to do with you powers? Maybe a vestigial memory of someone who nearly drowned?
<Rogue> ...wasn't no vest... ves... nothing. Ah kindof almost did.
<Warren> Rogue, do you trust Scott and I?
<Rogue> ::arms crossed, stares at the water:: ...
<Rogue> ::shuffles her feet:: Yeah-but-Ah'll-still-freak-out-and-sink
<Warren> We won't let you, alright?
<Scott> ::nods::
<Rogue> ::whines:: Ah can't go past my shoulders. That's all...
<Scott> ::scottgrins::
<Scott> Alright.
<Rogue> ::sighs and unlaces her boots, setting them aside:: ((Ah'm gonna regret this when Ah have to squelch all the way back to the mansion in filthy wet clothes.)) ::pads down to the water's edge in her socks and sticks a foot in::
<Rogue> It's cold. ::baleful look::
<Warren> It's not getting any warmer, either.
<Scott> heh.
<Rogue> ::takes a few steps in, up to her knees in water and grimacing as her feet sink into lake mud:: This is gross. 
<Scott> C'mon..
<Scott> ::looks at Warren::
<Rogue> ::sloshes further in, wincing the whole way:: ((gross gross gross)) ::teeth chatter, folds her arms across her chest:: Alright. Ah'm in.
<Scott> ::laughs::
<Rogue> ...can Ah get out now?
<Warren> ::splashes rogue in the face::
<Rogue> ::eyes go wide, and she sloshes back a few steps, breathing too fast:: ... Don't... do that...
<Warren> ::wades back away from rogue and looks around like he's carrying a bloody knife:: Sorry.
<Rogue> ::wipes her face off, and slowly advances back to where she was:: ...y-you people are nuts having lakes here... it's t-too cold! 
<Scott> It's beautiful in the summer
<Scott> Jean and I used to spend the whole summer out here pretty much...
<Rogue> What, you actually g-get summer here? ::chatter::
<Rogue> ..Ah know. ::a little clipped, although that could be the teeth chattering::
<Warren> Rogue's right... I am getting a little cold. ::climbs up onto the dock as well:: Maybe we should head back before they put the dogs on us.
<Scott> ::climbs up the dock too.. pulls some keyes out of his pants pockets and walks over to the lakehouse door and opens it::
<Warren> You never cease to amaze me Scott Summers, is there anything you don't have a key to?
<Rogue> ::stares down at the water, scooting a half-step deeper::
<Scott> The Wine Cellar
<Scott> ::grabs some towels out of the linen closest.. breathes in the house:: ((It smells like her...)) ::wraps a towel around his waist and takes the others outside::
<Warren> Of course, hmm. ::smirks and looks down at rogue still in the water, he looks decidedly not cold despite what he said as he stand on the dock in his briefs dripping::
<Rogue> ::is very carefully observing the water. sneaky stuff, that water is::
<Warren> This isn't Charmed, Rogue. It's not going to come to life and attack the minute you turn your back.
<Scott> ::hands Warren a towel::
<Scott> ::lowly to war:: ..the lakehouse smells like her..
<Rogue> ::takes a deep breath, then leans forward and plunges her face in for about 1.5 seconds, before jerking back and spluttering all the way back to shore, taking deep breaths:: okay-that's-enough.
<Scott> ::quickly moves to hand Rogue some towels::
<Warren> ::takes the towel, just blinks a couple times:: ... ::throws his hair forward, ringing it out with the towel and then throwing his head back so it falls back on his scalp a makeshift braid before wrapping the towel around his waist::
<Rogue> ::wipes her face off and wraps her hair in the towel, a little wide-eyed as she attempts to wring out her shirt somewhat::
<Warren> ::watching rogue despite himself::
<Scott> Why do you still wear all those layers of clothes around here? We're all careful. and a single layer works just as well.
<Rogue> ... ::squeezes water out of her jeans pantlegs, climbing up on the dock to where she left her boots:: Accidents happen.
<Scott> I know they do... but..
<Rogue> ... ::shrugs and wraps another towel around herself, shivering::
<Scott> War... Rogue...
<Scott> Thanks.. I really enjoyed this.
<Rogue> ::half-smile, drying her hair::
<Warren> ::chuckles and throws an arm around scott's shoulder:: 
<Scott> ..You
<Scott> You're not gonna try to make out with me again, are you?
<Scott> ::Scottgrins::
<Warren> Nope. ::grabs him in a headlock and NOOGIES::
<Rogue> ::snickers quietly::
<Scott> Hey hey! ::tries to manuever his way out::
<Scott> >>END SIM?<<