Mission Log #13


<Peter> @@
<Warren> @@
<Jean> @@
<Rogue> @@
<Sydney> @@
<Ethan> @@
<Jason> :::Taps the table::: Is this thing on?
<Jean> ::plays that really bad feedback noise in Jason's head for a few seconds::
<Ororo> Evil evil telepaths!
<Scott> Alright people. I've been talking to some people.. and we've came to the consensus that a lot of you are outta shape and need to start hitting the gym more often.. So you've all be assigned gym time every other day with a workout partner. (I also have an interlude/newscast thing I need to do somewhere in there.. heh heh)
<Peter> ::throws a chair at jean::
<Bobby> So anyway, I go to the doctor and say "Doctor, doctor! I've got shingles!" and he tries to sell me aluminum siding!
<Jean> HEY!
<Jason> :::Snickering::: Nice one, Bob.
<Scott> ..That's nice, Bobby.
<Scott> Anyone have any questions or concerns?
<Rogue> Ah am not working out!
<Ororo> I go dibs on that sexy Ruskie!
<Peter> none
<Ororo> I'm not either. ::crosses her arms:: In fact, I'm still getting used to eating more than once a day.
<Jean> I'm not out of shape ::glares at Scott::
<Bobby> ::shrugs:: Sounds ok to me, I could use a good workout I guess. ((Workout partners, huh? I wonder who mine is...))
<Ororo> Geez, your standing with the X-Women couldn't get any lower, Summers.
<Scott> Maybe if I started walking around and referring to you all as "bitches and hos" it could.
<Jason> :::Whimpering, then bursts into tears::: I'll shape up! Please don't send me away!
<Jean> ..::mumbles something about Rogue::
<Peter> ::pokes Jean's big but:: Sorry, I know that this "Big Butts" song thing was supposed to be a cool thing, but you need to work on that rump!
<Scott> You can have your choice of workout partners.. so if you have any preference, then choose now
<Jean> ::glares, looking really pissed:: What did you just do?
<Rogue> ::glares daggers at Jean:: What, Ah'm deaf now?
<Ororo> Do you value your life? If not, go ahead and call us that.
<Jason> Choice? Well, then I choose the human icicle.
<Peter> ::walks casually behind Ororo:: I have my partner
<Jean> Ro...keep your boy toy in line! ::glares at Peter::
<Rogue> ::folds her arms sullenly:: ((Not gonna work out... and no one would be mah partner even if Ah did...))
<Jean> ...where did you get movie seats? ::blinks and just stops themn w/ her tk::
<Ororo> ::smiles:: You're going to make me buff, without being freakishly swoll? ::sets Pete down on the weight bench and smacks him lightly:: Lave her alone!
<Bobby> ::looks over at Sydney:: ((Think she'd wanna be my workout partner?)) ::thinks for a bit more, then taps her on the shoulder::
<Scott> lesse how this is gonna work..
<Sydney> ((I have been working out... I don't lift weights so I don't see why I need a partner.))
<Jean> No no no..I get either Scott or Warren. No fair, I've never been that knowladgable about working out.
<Bobby> ::nods to Jason:: Sure J-Dawg, sounds good to me. ::smiles to Jason, then casts his eyes over at Sydney for a split second, looking away again:: ((Not exactly how I'd hoped it to turn out, though.))
<Voltage> ::Scowls, slightly:: Do we have to have partners, if we work out regularly on our own?
<Rogue> ((Oh sure, she wants Scott, so she can treat him like dirt...)) ::scowls::
<Scott> I would prefer you guys to be partnered up.. it's sort of a way to get better aquainted
<Scott> ::looks at Piotr and Ro.. lowly:: ((or get sweaty together without sex))
<Jason> :::Rubbing his chin:::: On second thought, I'll work with loner boy. :::Motions to Ethan:::
<Voltage> ::Scowl deepens:: ...I've always worked out by myself, before, though. I'd really prefer working out by myself..
<Jean> ::rolls her eyes and shrugs, and looks over to Warren ..and after a second goes to a "pretty please" pleading face::
<Ororo> You sure like to stare, don't you Summers? ::raises an eyebrow:: ((Wonder if he's jealous or what.))
<Jason> You'd prefer working out alone? Then I'll work out alone.
<Scott> Only at you, Ro, Only at you.
<Ororo> Aw, someone's got jungle fever. ::smirks up to Piotr::
<Jean> ::blinks and looks towards Scott questionally:: ((You're staring..)) ::blinks and shakes her head before looking back to Warren::
<Bobby> ::blinks:: Huh? Oh, ok, that's cool... I'm cool with that, I -am- the iceman after all, hehe. ::looks around, then taps Sydney on the shoulder:: Um, hi!
<Peter> ::shifty eyed glance around the room::
<Sydney> ::Glances over her shoulder and softly smiles.:: Hi.
<Scott> Alright then ::pulls out a pen and paper:: Pete and Ro, Bobby and Sydney, Jason and Ethan, Jean and Warren, that leaves Rogue with Me..
<Scott> anyone object?
<Voltage> Yes, actually. ::Frowns::
<Jean> ::blinks and looks back at Scott..semi baffled::
<Scott> Ethan, you need a partner.. you might gain a friend out of this too.
<Jason> And if we kill each other?
<Jean> ::changes her expression to neutral and crosses her arms:: ((Yeah, I knew it. See him deny it now))
<Ororo> ((This could prove to be rather amusing.)) ::kisses Piotr on the nose and adjusts her sports bra::
<Scott> Just clean up the mess when you're done
<Peter> ::blinks for a moment and then coughs:: ((This is going to be great watching the majority of these jelly-belly's work out for the first time in a while..)) ::Grins::
<Rogue> ::avoids looking at anyone in the room, lacing her hands together and studying them intently::
<Jean> ::side glances over at Rogue for a minute before looking back:: ((And she so obviously wants it, even more than Scott))
<Ororo> Hold my hair back for a moment..::glances over her shoulder to Piotr, and pulls out a hairband::
<Voltage> ::Shakes his head, crossing his arms:: I just don't see the point to a partner..
<Scott> ..You know what, fine, work by yourself. Jason, you're going to be with Rogue and myself.
<Scott> We all happy? Good.
<Ororo> ::sits in the gym on the weight bench, dressed in a pair of black sweats and a gray sports bra, her hair pulled back into a ponytail:: I've done this once before.. But um, refresh my memory.
<Jason> :::Sits outside in a lawnchair, reading the newspaper while sipping a glass of iced tea:::
<Peter> ::moves behind the bench setting a decent weight he thinks Ro would be able to lift:: Alright.. Lie down flat on your back, then I'll help you lift the bar a bit, then you lower the bar to your chest and then push it outward until your arms are stretched... Repeat 10 times, or as many as you can... ::smiles::
<Scott> ::walks outside and stands near Jason..:: You ready?
<Jason> :::Looks up from the paper, pulling his shades down slightly::: I suppose I am. Want the comics page?
<Ororo> ::blinks and peers at the weights:: It's not going to make my boobs shrink, is it? Because I read somewhere that it could happen.. ::mumbles, and slowly lifts up the weights::
<Rogue> ::trailing along after Scott, looking mildly mutinous:: ((Ah don't see why Ah have to do this... Ah don't do the fighting stuff, what good does it do anyone for me to run laps or whatever...))
<Peter> I will see to it that it doesn't... ::peers around slightly hoping nobody else heard him::
<Scott> Fifteen minute run then we hit the weights.
<Rogue> ...Fifteen minutes?
<Bobby> ::is outside, stretching his hammies:: ((Gah, I hate jogging. Why jog when you can ice slide?)) ::grumbles::
<Jean> ((I love this soooo much..)) ::Holding the punching bag, only w/ half and effort, really using her tk::
<Scott> Fifteen minutes. You guys can do it. It's not that bad.
<Jason> :::Gets up, stretching with a yawn::: 15 minutes? Alright, if you're hauling me inside.
<Rogue> Ah can't do that... ::horrified look:: Ah've never run for fifteen minutes in mah life!
<Ororo> ::rolls her eyes a little, and brings the weights down to her chest with a deep breath:: Why'd they wait until now to up the workout proggy? It used to be enough to get our asses kicked in the danger room. But that was before your time. S'funny saying that too. ::She shakes her head a little, and goes to raise the weights back up::
<Scott> We're not going super fast, moderate pace.
<Sydney> ::Streches as well, wearing a sweat-outfit.:: We don't have to jog, just walk for an hour.
<Warren> ::jab, jab, spin kick:: You look like you're enjoying this.
<Scott> Please, when I get through with you two, you guys are going to be running 10 miles a day at least
<Jean> Oh no..didn't I tell you I held the title of workout queen? ::shakes her head and smiles:: I don't mind, really. Just don't like being forced to. I'm not in that bad of shape.
<Peter> ::laughs:: It didn't bother me one bit... It was usually just me and Scott in here on a daily basis as it was... ::smirks giving her spotter-assistance when needed;:
<Rogue> ::blood drains from her face:: ((Ah hope he's joking...)) Ah don't think Ah've ever even walked for fifteen minutes... ::mutters::
<Jason> Oh, I'm thrilled. :::Pushes his shades back up to a comfortable position on his nose:::
<Jean> I get enough workout mentally. That's strenous enough. You guys have no clue.
<Bobby> Ah, cool. ::smiles at Sydney, finishing his stretches:: Ready when you are.
<Sydney> I hate running anyway. It always hurts my knees if I run.
<Scott> You got good running shoes? ::stretches his quads:: Man it's a beautiful day for a run.
<Ororo> ::takes another deep breath, and begins again:: Oh? So you guys must've talked a bunch. It's hard to get many folks around here to talk to me, I guess because I come off as such a bitch. But I'm not, really. ::wrinkles her nose, raising the weights again::
<Jason> :::Looks down at his rather worn shoes, then shrugs::: Whatever doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.
<Rogue> ...Ah don't have running shoes... ::looks at the toes of her boots:: ((And Ah sure as hell can't wear shorts and a teeshirt...))
<Jean> I'm just sorry you got stuck with me. ::looks at Warren and puts more effort into holding the bag:: ((If you're gonna do it.))
<Peter> ::continues helping out:: Well, you don't come off as that to me ::Grins:: You aren't as tough as you think you are Ororo Munroe... ::laughs slightly, lifting the weight himself and putting it on the rack::
<Warren> ::wearing karate pants and no shirt:: You can't always rely on your powers to get you out of the situations we throw ourselves into regularly. ::spreads his wings::
<Bobby> ::nods:: Yeah, I'm not a big fan of running either. ::smiles at Sydney::
<Scott> Hmm.. hold on a second, I'll be right back.. ::heads back inside::
<Jean> ::blinks, catching herself staring for a minute and then looks back at the bag:: I know. It's not like I never work out, just never really do it this often. ::she has her hair up in ponytail bun, in adidas shorts and a sports bra::
<Ororo> Pfft. I can be as tough as your steel skin if I wanna. ::glances up to him:: As long as noone pisses me off, we're cool. What Rogue did on that mission wasn't cool, but Xavier kinda explained it to me. So it's all good. ::goes to lift the weighs again:: You realize you don't have to totally help me lift this off, right?
<Sydney> Well, if we're going to start, might as well do it now. ::Starts to walk.::
<Peter> Well... I don't really know what sort of lifting you are capable of... And I don't want you to get hurt...
<Jason> :::Scratchs the side of his head, looking to Rogue::: You have any idea what put this crazy scheme into his head?
<Rogue> ::squints, scuffing one foot on the ground:: None at all...
<Scott> ::walks to a closet and goes through it:: ((Could've sworn we had some shoes for the new members somewhere)))
<Bobby> ::walks beside Sydney:: Yup... ::looks around:: So... nice weather, huh?
<Warren> ::lifts himself off of the ground a few inches and continues his routine on the bag while holding himself aloft::
<Jean> ((Oh my...)) ::watches him lift up and looks away:: ((..too much eye candy..though that does put the fun into this crap))
<Voltage> ::Works out on a butterfly machine, sitting in an upright position and pushing forward on the bars, before releasing the pressure and repeating::
<Ororo> Awww.. ::smirks a little, and lifts again:: This shit's pretty heavy, Pete!
<Sydney> True, very true. ::Starts to speed walk.::
<Scott> Ahh! ::grabs a few boxes..:: ((Not sure what size..)) ::walks back out to the others, a few boxes of tennis shoes in hand:: Alright, find a size that fits. ::To both Jason and Rogue::
<Bobby> ::starts ti walk a bit faster to keep up:: Um, yeah, hehe. It's all... nice and stuff.
<Jean> ((I need water..)) ::swallows hard and looks down at the ground:: ((Always loved how Warren never says all that much..think of osmething..))
<Peter> ::barely touches the bar, just guides it:: Comeon Ro... Push, push harder! ::tries pulling the bar up ever so slightly to help her a bit::
<Sydney> I like the fresh air, mostly. ::smiles:: I wish we didn't have to work out like this.
<Jason> :::Goes about stretching, shaking his head::: I haven't had to run since high school. I die, I want you to avenge me.
<Ororo> Blah. ::grits her teeth and lifts it up onto the bar again:: Jeebus cripes, maybe I do need to work out more..::pants a bit::
<Rogue> ::grumbles and sits down to rummage through the boxes:: ((These are gonna look retarded...)) ::unlaces her boots and tries on a couple tennis shoes until she finds a pair that fits and wiggles her toes around in them:: ..Ah feel short..
<Jean> ((Bad one but all I can think of..)) So War..::looks back up at him and grins, then shakes her head::'s your company doing and stuff?
<Peter> ::grins, as the bar is placed onto the rack, leaning atop it staring down at Ro's eyes:: You did well ::Grins::
<Scott> you two squared away with shoes? ::sets his watch for 15 minutes::
<Warren> Better, I suppose. Can we not talk about it right now?
<Jason> :::Straightens up, hearing his back pop::: Ready as I'll ever be. You know you're outta my will, right?
<Ororo> ::sits up:: You're such a bad liar Petey. ::snickers a little, and stands up:: What've we gotta do now? I can do the whole agility thing, but I dunno about all this upper body strength and all.
<Sydney> ::Smiles as she walks.:: It's not as if I don't like spending time with you Bobby, it's just... the powers thing.
<Rogue> ::ties the laces of her boots together and sets them beside the lawn chair, rocking around in her shoes a little and muttering:: ((Ah didn't think Ah was this much shorter without those damn things...))
<Jean> Yeah, sorry. I didn't think you'd want to talk about it, but I'm not great with small talk. ::shrugs and looks back down:: ((Back to silence I guess..hate trying to read the men in this house))
<Scott> ::smirks:: I get that a lot.. ::starts to jog in place, motioning for them to go ahead::
<Scott> <<you don't have to read them.. just their mind =P>>
<Jason> :::Gives a last roll of his eyes, then begins jogging::: I am in shape! Round is a shape!
<Rogue> ::dubious look at the direction Scott motions:: ... ::halfheartedly walks after Jason::
<Peter> Well... It's up to you... I'm going to do my workout later, so right now I suppose I am your very own personal trainer... You can choose to continue working out, or we can go for a little jog... ::Crosses his arms::
<Bobby> ::blinks:: The powers thing? ((Oh great, she thinks I'm a freak...))
<Ororo> You know, I like the sound of that.. ::wipes her forehead with the back of her hand::
<Warren> I can't really focus on the bag. I'm not in the right place for it. Is there something you'd like to do or should we just call it day, Jean? ::lowers to the ground and folds his wings::
<Peter> ::Arches a brow:: Which part? ::laughs:: The jog? or working out?
<Sydney> ::Quietly.:: I wish the professor would help me work on mine more.
<Jean> Yeah, sorry about that. I'm not good at small talk, and uh..I don't know. Been awhile since I was actually in here ::Looks around and then back at him and shrugs::
<Ororo> The personal trainer, and the jog, I guess. ::walks over to some of the balancing bars, and flips around one for a moment, landing on her feet::
<Jason> :::Keeps up with the jogging, trying to focus his mind elsewhere, begins whistling the theme from Rocky:::
<Peter> ::nods:: Alright, I'll go get a couple bottles of water, and you can meet me in the front in 10 minutes..
<Ororo> A'ight. I'll miss you while you're gone. ::grins slyly, in an almost mockingly way:: ((That sounded so corny.))
<Bobby> Oh, I see. ::thinks for a moment:: Maybe you should talk to him aboout it Syd?
<Warren> ::grabs his water bottle, near the wall on the floor next to his towel and shirt, takes a drink::

<Scott> ::drops back to Rogue, turns around and starts to jog backwards:: c'mon, pick it up, soldier. ::smirks at her::
<Rogue> ::walking, hands shoved in her pockets:: Ah said, Ah'll walk however far y'all jog... but Ah'm not really up for the running stuff.
<Bobby> ::walking besides Sydney:: Whew... so, this is far enough, should we turn around and head back now?
<Sydney> I think so, let's turn back.
<Scott> Why not?
<Rogue> Ah don't like running. ::stubborn look::
<Bobby> Ok. ::stops, then turns around:: So, whatcha got planned for the rest of the day, Syd?
<Peter> ::walks up the stairs towards the second floor::
<Jarrett> ::lays down in the grass outside, having avoided the mid afternoon jog::
<Scott> It'll get your endurance up for the field, what if you gotta go running after someone, but can't 'cause you feel like your lungs are about to explode?
<Rogue> Ah'm not going runnin' after anybody. Ah thought we kinda... covered that Ah'm not really cut out for the 'field' stuff?
<Sydney> I'm really not too sure. I hope nothing soapish happen today, however.
<Jean> Hey Peter ::comes down the stairs past him..having showered and changed into a blue polo and jeans. She waves to him::
<Scott> What if we really really need you, would you just leave us high and dry?
<Peter> Hello Jean. ::returns the wave, continuing up the stairs, and heading down the hallway towards his room::
<Bobby> Does that mean you're not going to get a shower after the exercise then? ::chuckles:: No, I know what you mean, we've definitely had enough drama for now.
<Rogue> Y'all don't need me... ::darker expression:: What'm Ah gonna do, touch someone t'death? ::stares at the ground::
<Jean> ::looks back towards him and shrugs as she continues down the stairs:: ((Happy him and Ro worked things out..but swear he hates me or something))
<Jarrett> ::rolls forwards and jumps up and starts to dust himself off::
<Peter> ::enters his room, pushing the door closed behind him:: ((A swim should be relaxing enough..)) ::opens his bottom drawer and searches through his clothes, to pull out his swim trunks, stripping and putting them on::
<Sydney> Hopefully, the Doctor might have something for us to do. Note the word, hope.
<Scott> You don't only need powers to be "useful." Hell only relying on your powers is pretty dumb, that's why we came up with this whole fitness thing.. We're trying to get everyone in shape, and we're eventually going to teach you guys some hand to hand stuff.
<Rogue> Ah can't even do hand to hand... you think Ah'm gonna risk touchin' someone?
<Peter> ::tosses his sweaty workout clothes, minus the wifebeater, into the dirty clothes hamper, afterwards grabbing a clean towel from another drawer and walking out of his room, heading back downstairs::
<Bobby> ::nods:: Yeah, I hope so too. Been pretty boring around the mansion lately... uh, present company excepted, of course hehe.
<Jean> ::moves to the living room and plops down on the couch grabbing her textbook from the table and opening it to read:: ((Warren ditched me from some chick on his cellphone...may want some distance from Scott..but I have no idea what I was thinking in picking Warren over him))
<Sydney> Lair! ::Laughs as they get closer to the manison.::
<Jarrett> ::looks up to Sydney and Bobby approaching the mansion:: How was the mid afternoon stoll?
<Scott> ::thoughtful look on his face:: hmm.. you gotta point there. Regardless, you never know what could happen.
<Rogue> ::rolls her eyes, looking a little upset:: Fine. ::starts jogging, head down::
<Peter> ::gets to the bottom of the stairs, noticing Jean in the living room:: Going swimming... If you want to join me, I'll be there for a while.. ::doesn't wait for a reply, just continues on his way towards the backyard::
<Bobby> ::waves to Jarrett:: Oh, it was alright. A little more exciting than knitting for fun and profit. How was your day, ya big lollygagger?
<Jarrett> Nice and relaxing ::nods:: cant let you be the only lazy one my friend
<Jean> ::looks up and towards Peter and arches an eyebrow as she exits the room:: ((Was that Peter being nice or peter wanting to talk to me..he's so hard to read sometimes))
<Scott> Nice day, eh?
<Rogue> ::low tone:: Ah guess... ((Way to be a jerk Marie... he's tryin' to be nice...)) ::jog jog jog::
<Sydney> ::Nods to Jarrett as she stops walking and walk/jogs in place.::
<Peter> ::opens up the back door and walks out, heading towards the pool::
<Jarrett> ::smirks:: you look energetic today Sydney, always a good thing, everyone cant be lazy
<Jean> ((Well now you haev to go and find out..)) ::shrugs and snaps her book shut, she puts it back on the table and walks towards the back..not going to change yet::
<Scott> You been back here before? To this part of the mansion?
<Rogue> ..what, this trail thing? nah...
<Scott> Been to the lake?
<Rogue> There's a lake? ::blank look::
<Bobby> ::stops as well, wiping his brow:: Whew! That was enough exercise for me today. ::leans on Sydney for a bit, standing next to her with his head on her shoulder:: Ahh, that's better. Rest now, me tired.
<Peter> ::tosses his towel onto one of the chairs, and takes off his wife-beater, placing it next to the towel:: ((Nice day out indeed...)) ::walks over to the edge of the pool and dives in::
<Sydney> Where's not even near the manison! ::giggles, supporting bobby.::
<Jean> ::sticks her hands in her pockets and moves out the backdoor and watches Peter waiting for him to surface:: ((Damn Ro picked a good one..))
<Scott> Yep. Didn't see it on your way in?
<Peter> ::swims under the water, until he reaches the other side of the pool to come up for air, his back towards Jean, hence unaware of her presence::
<Rogue> No... guess Ah haven't..
<Bobby> ::moves his head up slightly to look around:: Huh? We're not? Eep! ::buries his head back in Syd's shoulder::
<Jean> ((Never was good at dong this without scaring the person..)) hey Peter..::tries to say softly::
<Scott> C'mon. ::heads towards the forest:: We can stop jogging whenever you want.
<Jarrett> ::smirks and turns and starts walking towards the mansion:: perhaps you should get yourself some water, you might get heat exaustion
<Peter> ::turns around:: ((Guess she took me up on my offer..)) ::looks at her still dressed:: ((Or not?)) Hey Jean... not coming in?
<Rogue> ::follows at a jog, not having broken a sweat yet:: ((Guess we haven't come that far... an' he'll just bug me again if Ah stop now..))
<Jean> Oh uhm..I don't know ::shrugs and looks at him:: Didn't really know..((oh just be always are)) what you meant by the offer.
<Scott> we are.
<Peter> ::swims over towards her direction, standing up and leaning against the side of the pool when he reaches the side:: ...what do you mean? ::arches a brow:: I meant I was going swimming, and thought you might want to join me.. ::half-smiles::
<Sydney> Come on solider, let's get you home. ::laughs and walks down the street, supporting him.::
<Jean> I know..well kinda. Just..I thought it was either you being just nice because you saw I was alone, because you've been rather cool towards me lately. So, I also didn't know if it meant you wanted to talk or something. ::nods to him and sits herself down in a patio chair facing him::
<Jarrett> ::enters the mansion and looks around:: well, where are the people of the household, wonder if anyones left in
<Rogue> ::stops, looking out at the lake:: Huh... it's kinda big... didn't realize the trees hid so much, Ah guess ::half smile... not even breathing hard::
<Bobby> ::straightens up a bit and walks along side of Sydney, his arm around her:: hehe ok, I think I'll survive.
<Peter> ::runs his hands through his hair, trying to slick it back:: You read into things too much... ::smirks::
<Jean> I don't think so. I'm pretty good at knowing what people are feeling towards me and all. It felt like you were annoyed or uspet at me.
<Sydney> Good, we wouldn't want you die from dehydration, heaven forbid!
<Peter> ((, how ironic)) ::rolls his eyes:: Right... well, the water is pretty nice... you should come in.
<Scott> You'd be surprised.... ::thoughful look::
<Bobby> Wouldn't that be ironic? ::chuckles::
<Jarrett> ::heads into the kitchen and grabs a cookie, mmmm, cookie::
<Sydney> No, ironic is you freezing to death in the middle of antarica. ::laughs.::
<Scott> We hang out here a lot usually when it gets warmer.. ::shrugs::
<Rogue> ::trudges closer to the edge of the water, walking out on the dock:: ((God... their own private lake...))
<Jean> ::sighs and shakes her head:: Like now..anyways. I'll leave you alone, Peter :: a frustrated and annoyed hint to her voice as she turns to go back in::
<Bobby> ::laughs too:: Yeah, that would be pretty bad huh?
<Jarrett> ::starts getting out fixings for a sandwich and opens the knife drawer and reaches in for a knife without looking while preparing the meats::
<Peter> Suit yourself.. ::shrugs and dives back under the water:: ((For someone who can read other people's minds, she's not too good at figuring out why it is I avoid her...)) ::swims the length of the pool under the water;:
<Jean> ::crosses her arms and mutters under her breath:: jerk..((Try to talk to the ass and he just..god..beginning to hate men all together)) ::moves back inside the mansion and sighs::
<Sydney> ::Reaches the manison.:: Home!
<Jarrett> ::starts to cut up the fixings with the knife he convinently got from the drawer::
<Rogue> ::crouches down at the end of the dock to look into the water:: ... think Ah saw a fish!
<Bobby> ::drops to his knees:: Praise Jesus! ::kisses the ground, then wipes his mouth:: ...eww.
<Scott> ::smiles, as he watches her, then looks out onto the lake::
<Jean> ::moves back to the couch..lays down and looks up at the ceiling:: ((Men in the house could drive you to be a lesbian..))
<Jarrett> ::wanders into the living room with his sandwich:: Hello Jean, you dont look too well, something the matter?
<Jean> I'll be fine, thanks for asking. ::looks over to Jarrett with a half smile and then back up at the cieling::
<Rogue> ::stands up, brushing at her jeans reflexively:: ...Ah guess you wanna keep jogging for the rest of the time, huh..
<Jarrett> Aww come on, you can tell me, Im sure i can help
<Sydney> ::Walks into the manison.::
<Peter> ::grabs hold of the ladder and climbs out, heading over towards the chair and grabbing his towel, laying it out on the chair:: ((Starting to tan now would be a jump start on the summer... )) ::sits down on the chair, lying down flat on his back, with his eyes closed, catching the rays::
<Jean> Said I was fine ::nods and looks at him again::
<Scott> Nah it's cool.
<Jarrett> Alright, but if you do wish to say something, you know where I live
<Rogue> ..Was that fifteen minutes? ::confused look back the way they came::
<Scott> yeah
<Bobby> ::gets up and enters the mansion too:: ((Hmm, that was stupid of me... and tasteless, literally. Need something to drink to wash out my mouth, blech!)) Thirsty Syd? Can I get you something? ::goes for the kitchen::
<Rogue> ::suspicious look:: Okay... ::tugs at her gloves absently::
<Jean> Thank you ::nods again and looks upa t the ceiling again..seeing patterns in the texture:: ((Think that's a bear..))
<Sydney> Water?
<Jarrett> ::sits down silently in a chair and starts to eat his sandwich::
<Bobby> 'k, comin' up! ::enters the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of water and a soda:: ... ::stops, putting the soda back and grabbing another water:: ((Should stop drinking so much crap, maybe that'll help me out.)) ::leaves the kitchen, handing Sydney a bottle, chilling it with his hand first:: Here ya go. ::smiles::
<Rogue> ...they really used to call you 'Slim', huh? ::cocks her head to the side, looking a little bemused::
<Jarrett> ((perhaps she could use some cheering up:: hmm, would you like to see a magic trick? Its quite good ::smirks::
<Peter> ((Wonder where Ororo ran off to...)) ::yawns, and continues to lie there on the chair::
<Sydney> ::Grins.:: Thanks, such a useful power.
<Scott> Yeah, yeah they did. Ro and.. Jean still do sometimes.
<Bobby> Hehe yeah, my alternative career plan is to be a bartender. I can see it now, my own bar, called 'On The Rocks.' ::grins::
<Jean> ((Oh lord..magic tricks)) Uhm..nah actually ::sits up on the couch:: I think I'm gonna grab some food ::nods and stands up and moves towards the kitchen::
<Sydney> You'd get more money that way... ::groans and shakes her head.::
<Rogue> ::looks away, at his pause:: ((...somehow Ah don't think she's talkin' to him lately..))
<Jarrett> ((alright, perhaps i cant cheer her up)) alright... ::goes back to silently eating his sandwich::
<Bobby> ::chills his own bottle, then opens it and drinks a mouthful:: Hehe, sorry. That was a pretty bad one, I know.
<Scott> I used to be really skinny, when the Professor.. y'know.
<Rogue> ::nods:: Ah know.. ::taps her head with a finger::
<Jean> ((I hate it when I'm in that depressed, pissed at the world mind set)) ::rolls her eyes and moves to open the fridge..staring down at its contents::
<Sydney> ::Sits at a table, sighing.:: And life seems sane.
<Jean> ((Learned from the best..)) ::shakes her head at the thought of scott and grabs a bottle of juice before moving towards the cups to pour her some:: ((If mom were here I'd be in mid "being in this type of mood does no good for the situation, you just have to move on and fix what you don't like". Haven't I heard that one a million times.)) ::after pouring herself some she puts the juice back in the fridge::
<Rogue> ::rubs her forehead:: ...Ah'm really *really* sorry about what happened the other night... ah talked to the professor about it... it won't happen again, he gave me stuff to sleep...
<Peter> ::stands up, mostly dried off by now, and grabs his wifebeater and towel, and tossing them over his shoulder, walking back into the mansion, reaching the kitchen and leaning against the frame of the door:: The idea of someone being able to read my every thought and feeling scares me... There are things about my life I don't share with people... ::glaring in Jean's direction, not sure if she was aware or not of his arrival::
<Scott> ..What..? Oh you endin up in my bed? ::laughs:: It's cool.
<Rogue> ::flushes:: Ah swear Ah don't know what happened... ::shakes her head::
<Bobby> ::frowns as Syd sighs:: Yeah, I guess. ((What to say...)) Hey, you ok? You look like you need a massage. Yes, that's what you need, indeed! Hey look, I just rhymed, wish I did it all the time! Ooh look, I did it again! ::snickers, then puts his hands on Syd's shoulders, chilling them just a tad and rubbing her shoulders a bit:: That doesn't hurt, does it?
<Sydney> No... feels nice. ::Smiles over her shoulder at him.::
<Jean> ::blinks and turns towards the door. She sensed him but only right as he was getting there. She gives him a serious look in return:: I undersatnd that, hell it scares me sometimes. But, I can promise you that I would never do anything like that. The only time I've read someone's mind without their permission and some serious reason was before I had the Professor's help in controlling my power.
<Bobby> ::smiles back, still rubbing her shoulders:: Heh, good. Maybe I've got another alternative career now.
<Sydney> Two of them. ::giggles:: Make mutant kind safer by showing how useful we are.
<Peter> I have been pretty evasive lately because of my relationship with Ororo.... I am sure everyone already knows, but I guess when you are used to keeping secluded and to yourself that the idea of someone with abilities like yours makes me somewhat paranoid... ::continues, leaning against the frame of the door::
<Bobby> Yeah, hehe. The Iceman's Massage Parlour and Bar! Come on in fto get rubbed down and liquored up!
<Jean> ::Nods:: But, I promise you I never go where I'm not wanted
<Rogue> ::absently picks up a small stone and tosses it out into the lake:: ...
<Peter> Guess we are similar in that aspect... ;:smirks:: I'll speak with you later... I need to go wash this chlorine off of my body... ::straightens himself up and turns around heading towards the stairway::
<Jean> ::nods and blinks..still holding her juice and noticing him leave:: ((Whoah yeah..)) ::shakes her head and takes a sip of her juice, then smiles over the rim of the cup:: ((Thank you, restore some of my believe in men)) ::gulps down the rest of her juice and puts the cup by the sink before moving out of the kitchen::
<Peter> ::walks up the stairs, heading directly to the bathroom::
<Rogue> ((must be hard not seein' color anymore...)) ::stares out at the lake for a minute:: okay with Warren an' all, now?
<Scott> I haven't talked to him at all actually.
<Jean> ::walks and stops seeing Syd and Bobby:: Well, don't you two look cozy. ::smirks::
<Peter> ::turns the shower on, and pulls down his swim trunks, lying them atop the sink, then gets into the shower::
<Sydney> ::Blushes.:: UHm... we do?
<Jarrett> ::puts his plate on the table:: ((too... comfortable... cant get up))
<Bobby> ::turns his head to Jean:: Oh, hi Jean, hehe. ::blushes slightly too::
<Jean> Yeah..would you two stop blushing. I didn't mean to embarras you ::puts a hand on her hip::

<Bobby> <<It's a manification of the psychological damage Ro's caused him! He feels very, very DIRTY!>>
<Rogue> Oh... ::slight frown::'s your shoulder?
<Scott> It's fine, I've had worse.. but you probably know that..
<Ororo> ::slips into the house from outside, as silent as she's been in the old days, and glances around::
<Bobby> ::smiles:: Heh, ok. ::continues to rub Syd's shoulders::
<Peter> ::scrub scrub, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash;:
<Sydney> I bet you did. ::Grins at Jean.:: You doing okay?
<Rogue> ..::under her breath:: at least usually people who call 'emselves your friends aren't the ones givin' them to you... ::looks away::
<Jean> Of course ::smiles and crosses her arms again:: I'm always great
<Sydney> ((If you'd like to talk later, just ask.)) ::Nods.:: That's good.
<Ororo> ::slips up the stairs, nearly a blur, still as quiet as expected, and drops off a bag on her way towards the men's dorm room::
<Jean> {{Thanks, Syd}} are you two? ::grins::
<Sydney> Just finshed the wonderful work out we've been assingened.
<Bobby> ::nods:: Yep, it was hell, I tell ya. Would've been lying on the street unconscious somewhere if not for Syd here, hehe. ::grins::
<Ororo> ::inspects the men's bathroom door for a moment. She then sniffs at the air, and brandishes a cleverly hidden pick:: Mm-hmm.
<Sydney> Yep, I'm the shiznit according to some.
<Jean> ::laughs and shakes her head:: Yeah..Warren got some girl on the phone and I got abandoned in the middle of mine ::rolls her eyes at the thought::
<Peter> ::starts rinsing off his body/hair to rid himself of the soap and shampoo:: <<::mimics the herbal essance moaning:: YES YESSSS YESS!!!!>>
<Ororo> ::devious expression becomes plastered across her face as she notices the unlocked door. From her jacket, she holds up a polariod camera, and slowly approaches the door:: ((Mwahahaha.))
<Bobby> Yeah, for rizzle, Sizzle! ::chuckles, leaning down and hugging Syd for a second::
<Scott> what was that, Rogue?
<Peter> ::shuts the water off on the shower, and walks out of the shower, reaching to the rack for his towel:: ((That was refreshing...))
<Jean> ((aww..they're so cute)) ::smiles at them::
<Ororo> ::pauses for a moment, considering:: ((What if it's that sick little freak, Drake? Oh what the hell, he'd probably pee on himself of embarassment.)) ::with a mock tone, she hollars:: Dis is jour maid callink! ::kicks open the door, and snaps away::
<Rogue> ::slightly forced smile:: Oh, Ah was just wonderin' if Jean's apologized for tossin' you into the furniture.
<Peter> ::deer in headlights look at Ororo:: ....What are you doing? ::covers himself up with the towel::
<Sydney> ::Hugs back.:: But Warren... with a girl? ::Mock gapes.::
<Ororo> ::stops for a moment, and then bursts into laughter:: I knew it! I knew it!
<Scott> Yeah she did. We're cool, I guess.. it's just different.
<Jean> Yes..many at one time I would imagine ::shakes her head and sticks out her tongue in that "gag me" fashion::
<Scott> We used to hang out all the time.. and she hasn't spoken more than 3 words to me outside of training simulations.
<Peter> ::arches a brow, tying the towel around his waist, with a broad smirk:: Not like its something you haven't seen before... ::blushes slightly:: Where were you? You disappeared after the workout... ::starts walking down the hallway towards his room::
<Jarrett> ::manages to pull himself up from the chair and heads back into the kitchen::
<Rogue> ::studies her too-bright new tennis shoes:: ..
<Sydney> Geez... when you think you know a guy.
<Ororo> ::follows after him, and slips the polariod back into her jacket pocket:: Just had a couple of errands to run..and baby, I've still got it. ::smirks proudly::
<Sydney> ::giggles:: You know, I should get him a feather boa for christmas.
<Jean> Whatcha mean? ::arches an eyebrow and looks towards Syd::
<Bobby> ::snickers at Syd's suggestion::
<Jarrett> ::tosses the plate into the dishwasher and starts pondering:: ((what should I do now... work? nawww))
<Sydney> We all saw that kiss.
<Peter> ::smirks, and pushes open the door to his room:: Hmmph, so that would mean this wasn't the first time you've pulled something like this? ::grins, pulling off his towel and throwing it into the dirty clothes hamper, reaching into his drawer for a pair of boxers:: ((That should get her riled up..))
<Jean> I think it was a joke, mainly
<Ororo> Ehh..Oh that. Yeah, maybe. ::snickers mildly:: Nah, just had to make sure I'm not neglecting my other talents while I'm here being a goodie good. ::sits down on the edge of his bed, and tugs gently on the hem of her skirt::
<Sydney> I know it's a joke. The boa thing is a joke. ::smiles::
<Bobby> Hehe and people think I'm the funny one around here? ::smiles at Syd::
<Peter> ::pushes the door closed after her, so random passerbyers dont get a face full of naked piotr:: You know, you did well this morning... ::walks over to his closet and pulls the door open, looking inside for some clothes to wear::
<Scott> You wanna head back?
<Rogue> ::shrugs a little:: sure...
<Sydney> I'm more subtle about it.
<Ororo> If you say so. ::squints her eyes as she inspects his closet from the distance:: Sport the wifebeater and those cargos I got you. ::calls, suggestively::
<Bobby> True, but you've still got a great sense of humour babe. ::blinks:: ((...did I just call her babe?))
<Sydney> It's kinda of a sick sense humor. ::Blushes.::
<Peter> ::pulls out the pair of cargopants, and walks over towards his dresser to get the wifebeater:: Sure thing...
<Bobby> It's still funny though, hehe. ((Play it cool! Don't sweat it! You're the frickin' Iceman! Think cool thoughts!)) ::grins nervously:: Hehe... ahem.
<Jean> ::says to Syd:: {{You two are too cute for words..}} Just hope I never fall a victim to it